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Home Page: http://www.microsoft.com/net/
Pronounced: "dot net" or "Microsoft dot net"

Microsoft .NET is a development framework using the Microsoft C# programming language wich is loosely based on, Sun's Java. Like Java, C<code>#</code> uses a runtime environment, called the Common Language Runtime or CLR, to perform the well-known "write once, run everywhere" save that it only runs on Windows. Like J2EE, .NET is a popular buzzword that seems to please managers and gives unlimited funding. Like many of today's buzzwords, .NET rhymes with XML and Web Services.

.NET is the branding Microsoft has applied to their latest Visual Studio development product in an attempt to entice developers into using the framework. With .NET, Microsoft hopes again to lock developers into its proprietary Windows. Because .NET code can run inside a virtual machine, better security can be implemented in programs. This ties in to Microsoft's trusted computing initiative (formerly known as Palladium) and "sandboxing" individual applications so bugs and viruses can't migrate.

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