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ABliss is short for Astral Bliss, which is the name or pseudonym that I made up for event flyers when I recently did some djing. I'm finding reading and writing for wikis to be a good thing. I find the iA wiki is a great place to discuss and learn about computer science and social issues related to file sharing, p2p and other internet news. I like to know the latest news, but I think the unethical mass media, especially the innane Faux News, make a very poor effort with few standards and no integrity. Instead I get my news from these web sites.

I have strong liberal views and opinions. I firmly believe in the principles of equality between people and the quest to remove human suffering. I want to get rid of the society we have now and produce a freedom nirvana. I definately harbour radical, anarchist environmental ideology. I absolutely believe that "Free Speech is a Free Gift". I want better information retrieval systems than I have now so I can reap the bounty of treasured gifts, hear more ideas, understand reality, research things and find the answers to a multitude of questions.

My iA Stories

I have written these infoAnarchy stories, including

Information to be Retrieved

I download many things from the generous cooking pot, particularly music and other stuff like multimedia, games, animations, comics, books. I grab textual material like news articles, technical guides, essays, papers and other literature. I get programs, geographical maps, game maps, timelines, recipes, weather images, charts, artwork and sometimes hardcore pornographic video and photos.

I started using the internet in 1993 and by 1998 I was contributing content. I was initially excited by Napster and p2p on the 31 of October 2000. It was on this night that I was jumping around, happy and filled with joy over file sharing. It was then that I realised something I had been dreaming about would come true. I had been thinking of a technology that would provide low cost, unlimited, quality music when I wanted. I realised then it was not just about music, that it was about movies and all others kinds of information.

I really appreciate the web enormously and have enjoyed watching it blossum over the last decade. I'm interested in useful software, practical projects and realistic visions of the future. In particular, communication and computer technologies like television, radio, internet telephony, ubiquitous computing, distributed computing, audio formats, hypermedia, broadband, and WiFi. I'm also trying to gain a better understanding of Mozilla/Plugins, Freenet, Decentralized Clients, Quantum Computing, Peer-To-Peer Journalism and the Semantic Web amongst a bunch of other topics.

I like software, computer hardware and networks. Software I recommend includes Treepad, STP, Mozilla, EMule, VLC and AtomixMP3. I like both Slashdot and Google and other Information And Activism Websites. I find collaborative weblogs useful and the same goes for wikis especially Wikipedia where I have been making minor contributions. I admire pioneers such as Erik, Ian Clarke, Richard Stallman, Linus Torvalds, and other people unrelated to iA, like Charles Darwin, Immanuel Kant and Benoit Mandelbrot.

I wish everyone had good access to information technology and advocate the concept of free access to intellectual property without proprietary ownership. I am against capitalism and pro-open source, decentralized Anti-Authoritarianism. I dislike monopolies, copyright and other forms of deprivation and tyranny. I want people to be better educated, with accurate knowledge about the world, so democracy can happen.

I want more wisdom, reasoning, enlightenment and intelligence, while privacy and security should be maintained for the individual in the long-term. So whether it is someone peeping through a crack in a wall, an IRC prone script kiddie/hacker-wannabe exploiting some vulnerability remotely, or any other eavesdropping-type activity then I think those participanting deserve punishment for infringing other people's rights to privacy.

What else do I Think?

I'm totally for piracy of any and all intellectual property. In fact, I would like the darknet to become a honeypot data haven for all information. I eagerly await the end of all revenue derived from information products into improved services and the delivery of physical things. I want to bring about an innovation utopia where information shall be freely distributed on the internet. I am against the idea of rewarding people who create information.

I want to live in a world when art, knowledge and information are unrestrained by economic factors. When a technology has developed that allows anyone to share any sort of information with any number of others then it should be explored, not restricted. The net does give the individual the power to share whatever they want, seriously just get a computer, share and download. The internet and in particular p2p file sharing networks are examples of where technology necessitates a rethink of copyright, patent and trademark laws. A system of barter, free sharing or gift exchange of information and knowledge is always better than one involving law. So I think intellectual property laws are unjust and want them abolished as soon as possible.

I think people should always select an appropriate forum and express their opinion whenever they have an opportunity. For example if you hate capitalism you should be given every single opportunity to express yourself, to explain why you believe what you do and what you think should be done instead, rather than just claim to be anti-capitalist. I often like to know more about what people think, not what they feel, but I don't actually care what other people think. Like most males I prefer to keep my feelings to myself. I want to hear others take on things because this guides their actions. Information, knowledge and the truth can never be a bad thing, but people can take actions which are bad or no good. If I can understand people's beliefs then I can understand their actions better.

Some things I don't understand are greed, egotism and religion. I don't understand jealousy and I feel sorry for people that are always wanting more material things or never have time for something new or different. I think patriotism is uncivil and primitive. I think one of the least honourable things to do is to put on a uniform, pick up weapon and go fight a war in another country. I think it is far more courageous to stand up and let your voice be heard, especially if you think somebody is doing the wrong thing. Despite what most others seem to believe, I know these things do more harm than good and are therefore should not be cherished. I think they are stupid and offensive to my intellect, because nobody is able to provide a logical, justified reason explaining how and why such things are good things.

I like to hear people's opinion as feedback, not derogatory speech. Opinions about where others think I am incorrect can be interesting, because unaccounted for mistakes, especially ongoing unjudged errors, can turn into problems. I never find cruelty amusing. I prefer parody and witty humour. I think being successful is about having an increasingly smaller environmental footprint, particularly living a life where one uses less energy day by day. I think there are too many people and too much business for our one small planet. Within a decade, I see more socialism which will emerge everywhere, all at once in a environmental revolution.

To Do

I rate this wiki - 8.25 / 10. I'm pleased I haven't come across more inconsistancies or contradictions. Like any wiki it is rough around the edges and it needs more regular editors. I know my grammar, punctuation, spelling and attention to detail could all be improved. One thing I am learning from this wiki is that I do not know much.

I especially like these wiki entries Chaos, Interact, Fractal, Ontogeny, Philosophy, Meme, Progress, Culture, Anonymity, Replication, Lossless, Collaboration, Free Speech, Broadcast, Transcript, Free Association, Reverse Engineering, Open-Source/Getting Involved, Localization, Integration, Friends And Enemies, Trust, Self-Constitutional, Peer, Preference, Civil Liberties, Human rights, Feminism, Transhumanism, Atheism, , Cybernetics, Ethics, Aesthetics, Metadata, Classification, Ontologies, Literacy, Rating, Feedback, Graphical User Interface, HOWTOs, Linkage, Archive, Library, Books, Language, Protocol, AV Software, The Software Cycle, Conversion Tools, Graphic, Scalability, Filesystems, Data Structure, Holy Grail, Satellite, Telephone, Electricity, Power Conservation. I'd like to elucidate as to why I value or find interest in these things.

but not these ones Oppression, Cornucopian, Discrimination, Myth, Cartesian Dualism, Economics, Fallacy, Industrialism, Attack, Globalization, Hoax, Bad Guys, Copyright, Trademark, Patent, Leech, Capitalism, Propaganda, Censorship, Proprietary, DRM, Royalty Fees, Microsoft, Thief, Worm, Backdoor, Cruft, Psychology, Social Engineering, Corruption, Noise, Eschelon, Spook, Surveillance, Scumware, Spam, Politics, Government, Colonialism, Monarchy, Conservative, USA, WTO, American-Centric, Oligarchy, Plutocracy and Dictatorship which I would like to rectify or have expunged.

I want to work on the following topics Unknown, Complexity, Moderation, Seed, Grassroots, Plot, Extremism, Public Relations, Criticism, Public Opinion, Train Of Thought, Panopticon, Enforcement, Specification, Pareto, Storage, Traffic, Harden, Fleshing out, File, Obfuscation, Bad Thing, Spiral of Silence, Statistics, Mathematics, Epistemology, Function Creep, Feature, Architecture, Mole, Hive, Gnutella/Protocol, Public Domain, Sysadmin, Working Openly, Visualization, Thread, Real-time, CAD, Tweak, Optimize, Benchmark, Compliance, Pacifism, Security Culture, Jurisdiction, Popular, Activism, Framework, International Treaties, Audit, Debate, Diversity, Ideal, Design, Reverse Engineering, Boycott, Creative and James Boyle for starters.

After that I might explore Anti-Microsoft/Cartwright, Best Compressed Audio Format, Encrypting Your Files, Encrypting Your File Sharing, Using File Sharing Networks, Getting Rid Of Spyware, How To Search, Internet Trends, Importing To Wiki, Infinite Complexity, Man-In-The-Middle Attack, Mass_Media/IADiscussion, Poorly Written Code and Security Through Obscurity.

I would like to collect all the Sourceforge projects and list them on the sourceforge page, same for the slashdot articles and wikipedia pages mentioned here too. I want to place more a substantial amount of the most relevant and interesting links on the main page as well. I would like to get to the entries on the wanted page which have 5 broken links or more. Along the way I need to re-order this section, eliminate any ambiguity there is and try to focus on the IA_Wiki/Guidelines. I am trying to be a little less neutral, less vague and serve this web site's mission statement.


I want to check and fix up the use of the terms Random, Upload, Index, Desktop, Compatibility, Cooperative and Community. I was going to go over Floppy, Router, Script and Digital one day too. I'd like to fix up the use of the words Migration, Application, Address, Server, Development, Verification, search, service, system and social.

I need to make the following corrections, mostly reversing links that should of had their own page or not linked to the term I suggested - non-free to Non-Free, web site to Web Site and bitrate to bitrate, etc.

I may have been over-zealous in the removal of other editors red links to topics I thought were far off-topic. I realize now it was a mistake to try to limit the scope of the wiki in that way. I was trying to keep things manageable. I thought that if someone else really believed that an entry on "such and such" topic was needed, then they would just revert my changes and shortly after write-up the entry.

I hope other editors never think twice about changing, reversing, debating, questioning, criticising, reviewing or guiding any aspect of my wiki contributions here at iA. That is, only if you think you can improve what I have typed. I don't care if you don't like what I write, that is your trivial opinion, I'm really happy for you, but it has nothing to do with me, maybe the iA Sandbox is your thing.