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Acronym: AOL

An Internet Service Provider based in the US. While it has a low customer satisfaction rating, it is one of the largest and most popular although its subscriber rates have been falling.

Technically, AOL runs a service-wide firewall to block bad connections and may also block some services to and from other places on the Internet.

Like most services, AOL is generally more expensive than local Internet providers and have not gone down in price despite the constantly decreasing cost of computers, network hardware, and Internet service. AOL is also notorious for sending out millions of their company's installation CDs that find their way to landfills. They also spend enormous money on agressive marketing.

Positively, AOL has prosecuted several Spam companies and helped popularize the Internet.

America Online also goes by the acronym AOL especifically after having branched out into different nationalities. In order to remove some of the American-centric influence of the full name, they use the acronym alongside other countries, as is the case with "AOL Canada".

Recently, as revenues fell post-merger, AOL's name was removed from the AOL/Time Warner company name.

Time Warner is:

It does not own Mozilla.