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Aka: (traditional/revised) BSDL

Includes: BSD-style Licenses

A type of Free Software license by which a developer may distribute his source code.

The name comes from the BSD Operating Systems (FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, etc) which were distributed under this license. Linux, meanwhile, is distributed under another Open-Source license: the GNU Public License, which differs from BSDL in that it requires making changes public. A variety of other open-source and free software licenses exist.

This license says basically the same, as the Creative Commons Attribution License. Since there are a lot of countries 'forbidding' Public Domain this license is a very good alternative.

BSD-style Licenses

A license that behaves similar to the very easy-to-use and restrictionless BSD License, with minor differences.


  • MIT/X11 License: Both names mean the same. Used by: X11 Software (and some window managers, like Blackbox, Fluxbox, Openbox, wmii, ...), older Versions of cURL (now using the BSD Licenses). The ncurses license is nearly the same.
  • ISC License: Same as the 2 clausle BSD license, but a lot of text has been removed since it's not needed. It's used by OpenBSD, BIND. It's very near to Public Domain.