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A Bad Thing is sometimes referred to as Wrong or Evil. A bad thing creates dissatisfaction, unhappiness and a cold internal discomfort. If something is bad it will puts one strongly into feeling of uneasiness.

Converse to a Good Thing, the concept of a Bad Thing is something that is "fundamentally and obviously Wrong":

Strong believers usually boycott a Bad Thing.

Often, the terms "Good Thing" and "Bad Thing" are abused to inject strong opinion into a discussion of a topic, especially Dangerous topics. This is most easily seen in negative opinion:

Note however that dogmatism and opinions without arguments is also a Bad Thing. Many wiki moderators require that those who make the above statements above provide grounds for their opinions or be considered noise and removed.

Related Topics

These are things which are often used to oppose or Desecrate Good Things. People do bad things by mistake, while thinking that they are doing good. People do bad things most often when they feel they will be somehow better off, regardless of any negative consequences which may arise.