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Many irc channels use a bot to log all content, possibly providing an opt-out 'escape' mechanism to conceal sensitive comments. There are so many of these channel logs that it is not worth providing an example. Search engines often provide good examples of the type of log if you search for "irc channel-log".

But providing a more user-directed means of logging only select comments, effectively authoring a new strand of content distinct from that of the channel chatter, is less common.


Why not call it bot-blogging? as there seems to be no existing term in common parlance for this type of activity -- writing in a Weblog (Blog) in a live chat channel, using IRC, with as many users as the IRC server can stand up to.

You can call it something else if you want, noone will notice. There's no reason to focus on the blog as the principal reason for collaborating, its just a common catchphrase around today -- no matter if it makes you puke.

It's IRC. Have fun. Loosen up, man.

Why constrict your blogging to the staid world of GUI interfaces, structured dialogue and recognisable forms of grammar? We haven't got time for that. Live a little .. today's newspaper is tomorrow's fish-wrap after all. Yes, its even more lax than a Wiki (TM).

The actual facts

So far we know of two bots who blog, The Daily Chump and The Daily Churn's bot. #infoanarchy members on once had some ideas on some enhancements beyond the capabilities of these two, see Xena, but the ideas were probably never developed.

Also, DiaWebLog is a bot that sits on an IRC channel and builds a weblog based on links it sees in the channel.