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This page is intended to list tools that you come across when trying to convert file types to your preference.

Compact Discs and Burning

    • Windows: nrg2iso is a German graphical converter utility. Since Nov 11 2004 it is also available in English.
  • BIN to ISO. BIN is yet another file format occasionally used for images of CDs that also contain audio tracks. A pair of BIN and CUE files are used to burn the CD.
  • CUE to WAV. This script will help in the task of turning the cue+audio file (usually a .mpc or .ape) into wavs to be burnt to cd using cdrecored. Go to the cue2wav page.
  • XDVDFS to ISO. XDVDFS is used by Microsoft's XBox. To extract it, use xbiso (Debian package). Futhermore you can from that directory make an ISO image using ie. mkisofs.
  • CloneCD to ISO. CloneCD image (.IMG) can be converted in Linux using isodump by Solgya (not to be confused with the isodump that is part of many distributions).
  • MDF to ISO. Isobuster (see hereunder) is able to convert this format. Also, for *NIX, MDF2ISO should do the trick.
  • Alcohol 52 and 120% - commercial software which allows ISO files to be treated as CDs on the system (and at much higher access speed than any CD Player). This makes the need for a conversion tool to your CD Burner's format obselete.
  • Isobuster. A swiss army knife able to convert about any known image format to another. For Windows. Also runs on Linux through WINE (info). Partly shareware, partly freeware.


  • WAV to MP3/OGG/WMA/RMetc - Every page should include information on saving WAV files to a given format. An excellent and free editor: Audacity with several file formats
  • WAV to WAV - Sox the Swiss army knife of sound tools. If you try and make a audio CD from a mono mp3 file or one which has too low a bitrate your CD burning software may reject it. In this case it can be first converted to a wav file. Then using Sox a second (duplicate) stereo channel can be added and/or it can be upsampled to an acceptable frequency to create a second wav file, which you should be able to record to your cd. It could also be encoded to a higher bitrate mp3, but at a further loss of quality. Sox also performs conversion between numerous obscure sound file formats and can apply various filters while doing so. Sox is a command line program available for Unix and DOS
  • Perl Audio Converter - A tool for converting multiple audio types from one format to another. It supports MP2, MP3, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, Shorten, Monkey Audio, FAAC (AAC/M4A/MP4), Musepack (MPC), Wavpack (WV), OptimFrog (OFR/OFS), TTA, LPAC, Kexis (KXS), AIFF, AC3, Lossless Audio (LA), BONK, AU, SND, RAW, VOC, SMP, AVR, CDR, RealAudio (RA/RAM), WAV, and WMA. It can also convert audio from the following video formats/extensions: RM, RV, ASF, DivX, MPG, MKV, MPEG, AVI, MOV, OGM, QT, VCD, VOB, FLV, and WMV. A CD ripping function with CDDB support, batch and playlist conversion, daemon mode for converting files on the fly, tag preservation for most supported formats, independent tag reading/writing, and extensions for Konqueror and amaroK are also provided.


  • Tovid a useful collection of scripts with a GUI that will convert any video file playable by mplayer (most of them) to mpg files suitable for playback by a domestic DVD player. I had to download and compile some prerequisites and edit some of the scripts to get the version I use working (on Fedora Core 2) but it is well worth the the trouble. Also provides a DVD authoring tool which I haven't tried yet.

Graphics, Images, Pictures

  • Image Optimizer - Windows, propritary program that can enhance, compress, resize, batch process, etc to get the best possible JPEG, GIF and PNG image files for the web.


  • Unicode to ASCII. As soon as text files start to contain accented characters (as used in spanish, french etc.) you can have problems displaying on other platforms. You can use Gnu Recode to perform numerous conversions to and from the various ISO character sets, different flavours of unicode, latex macros, HTML escapes, IBM character sets and so on. It also coverts between DOS end-of-line characters and Unix ones if desired. If you are uncertain of the original coding you can use the unix "file" utility to determine it.
  • SUB to SRT - sub2srt is a simple tool to convert 2 common subtitle formats (microdvd and subrip - both are known as ".sub") to subviewer ".srt" format. This is the format ogmmerge accepts for multiplexing into OGM streams.
  • Treepad - manipulate, order text, reformat case, spacing and returns.

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