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The Download Disobedience campaign aims to promote Free Culture by reframing piracy as civil disobedience in order to raise awareness of copyright misinformation.

Announcement, please repost!


Isn't piracy wrong?

Please read some of our materials! The Free Culture way is spreading rapidly and creators are finding innovative ways to profit from their products without restricting the right to share and build upon their works. The future is free, and piracy is our action against those corporations that are trying to brute-force consumers into outdated business models using the law to incriminate anyone who is ready for a better way. There is a better way.

Is encouraging illegal activity risky?

There is always a slight inherent risk to encouraging any illegal activity, but piracy is so widespread and prevalent that almost everybody is guilty of it, including anti-piracy and copyright advocacy organizations!

Are you against all copyright?

Download Disobedience does not take any particular stance on copyright other than supporting free culture. Most of us can agree that copyright needs some major reform. This campaign aims to raise awareness of the myths surrounding piracy and encourage the use of Free Content licences (alert: non-commercial is non-free!). People know that something is wrong with the industry, people want something better, and we're here to show them the way.

Get Involved

The goal of this project is to raise awareness, so spread the word wherever you can! Tell your friends, (micro)blog it, share it everywhere you can!

Fact Sheet

Contribute to the pro-piracy /Fact sheet and study the information so you're armed for a healthy debate.

Sing Happy Birthday

Time Warner claims the copyright to "Happy Birthday" so any public performance of the song is illegal unless royalties are paid. This is why it is rarely heard in major Hollywood films. Post recordings of yourself singing the happy birthday song to YouTube and other social media sites as a protest against copyright insanity.

TheSilentNumber Singing "Happy Birthday" Against Copyright

Hit the Streets

Please print out the materials below to distribute in the read world. If you go to school or somewhere which displays prominent anti-piracy posters such as these, post these on top!


Please create or remix flyers, posters, leaflets, and other handouts to post here!

General Info

General Info

pdf, sla (source)

This provides lots of information about piracy and debunks many myths surrounding it.

US Schools

Us Schools

pdf, sla (source)

This reads as a letter to the administration of US schools while being meant for circulation by students.

Back side (comic)

Back side (comic)

pdf, sla (source)

This is a comic along with some action ideas for consumers and creators which can be used as the back side of a flyer.