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Rusty Foster suggested[1] that we should start using e-mail signatures to get our message out. So we encourage all of you to do so: add a catchy text to your sig and ask others to do the same. If you have good ideas, please add them to the list:

Rusty's sig (K5 article about our effort):

Save your culture:

Erik's sig:

Save the Public Domain - Renaissance Now:

What I would like is somthing that speaks to all my friends that download mp3z or use KaZaA. I need something catchy I can put in my sig that will make them take notice.

I'm not creative enough, anyone else want to take a stab?

How about:

File sharing doesn't have to be illegal.

Personally, I like the following quote from Rusty:

Public Domain: Does it "slip" in? Even worse, does it "lapse" in, like some

kind of terrible mistake? Hell no! It boldly strides in, settles down,

puts its boots up and says "It's me, I'm Free, get used to it!"

Not sure where it fits though? Some kind of advocacy for Public Domain??

Hmmm...  :)

Since the Public Domain is free to all, is it really a domain?

Do you believe that coveting is wrong? Then why support copyright? -- sy

How about:

<b>Copyright is wrong. Copyright is theft. Wake up!</b>

I used it on my website (now technically messed up... :(


PS: Public Domain is the domain of the public, so it is a domain no mather how free. Remember, if nobody owns a thing, any one can claim rights to it...