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This list is not exhaustive.

Please also see The Halls Of The Dead for other clients and projects which have gone quiet.

eDonkey2000 Clients

Other Decentralized Networks and their Clients

  • Antsp2p - Third generation open source Java implementation of a P2P network with hashing and privacy features.
  • DirectConnect - An increasingly popular and fast file sharing system
  • Forban - a decentralized p2p protocol for link-local and local area network. Relying on HTTP plus an announce message in UDP. Works in IPv4 and IPv6.
  • Jungle Monkey - (Unix) - JM is similar to Gnutella, with a tree-like network architecture and data exchange organized in channels (there are announcement channels where you can learn about the existing channels). Non anonymous. Very interesting nevertheless. Windows port is in the making.
  • Konspire/konspire2b - Similar to OpenNap, with a distributed server architecture. However, while OpenNap spreads a message across the network of servers and each server responds individually to the searching client, konspire tries to maintain a complete index of all files on each server. Therefore, searches are very fast. The network should also be pretty scalable, although it is more attackable than a totally distributed one. (Compromise between scalability and security.) Mass-scale content distribution. Client/Node subscripe to channels and recive all incomming files from the channel. Broadcasters can create channels and broadcast files to all the nodes. GUI is a web browser interface.
  • MUTE - A file sharing network that uses virtual addresses (instead of IP addresses) and ant-inspired routing algorithms to protect the privacy of both downloaders and uploaders (in other words, defeat RIAA spy tactics).
  • Myster | Sourceforge page - A "capitalist" file sharing network that dynamically ranks the most reliable servers and allows node operators to run advertising banners on their servers.]
  • NetMess | GNU Page - NetMess is a peer-to-peer file sharing system. Its advantages over other p2p systems include clone detection and the ability to work through an HTTP proxy and through most firewalls (both inbound and outbound). It is decentralized and does not depend on a master server, so it can run in a LAN environment (useful as an information sharing system for small to middle-sized company). It lets its users search and retrieve documents without having to remember their exact location, and can share all file types (audio, video, archives, etc).
    • Project appears to have died as of 25 Nov '04
  • Porndigger - (requires IE) - "Napster for porn"; i.e. image/video sharing. Distributed network architecture, allows you to browse users' collections with thumbnails. Closed Source protocol.
    • Website down as of 25 Nov '04.