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Diogenes', "the Cynic," Greek philosopher, was born at Sinope about 412 BC, and died in 323 BC at Corinth, on the day on which Alexander the Great died at Babylon.

Some Credit him as the first green Anarcho-primitivist individualist thinker who proclaimed virtue thru simplicity while defying societal norms.

Diogenes of Sinope, who lived between 412 or 403 B.C. and 324 or 321 B.C., was infamous. Wearing only a shabby robe, he wandered the streets of Athens and then Sinope after he was exiled for defacing the Athenian cur­rency. He engaged powerful people in playful debate, often exposing their hypocrisy. Asked which city-state he claimed as his own, he responded, "I am a citizen of the Kosmos, or universe." He coined the word kosmopolites, from which we derive the notion of cosmopolitanism. Diogenes was a master of satire and parody. He was playful and critical. He loved human­ity but refused to grant it the slightest authority over him. Shameless, he knew no manners and lived by his own moral code. He expressed his free­dom by masturbating in the marketplace.' If Diogenes wrote anything, it was lost. His legend and teachings lived on through such thinkers as Crates, Seneca, Diogenes Laertius, and Marcus Aurelius. Diogenes was the founder and role model of Greek Cynicism and influenced the Stoics, who provided philosophical guidance to the Roman Republic. The Cynics had no canon, no schools, no academic lineage, but their teachings flowed through the cultures of Greece, Egypt, Asia Minor, and Rome. Those influenced by the Cynics include Christian monastics and Friedrich Nietzsche What could be a more ideal environment for a cynic than cyberspace—the ethereal realization of cynical politics? Diogenes was a hacker. The Internet is a cynical cosmos. It was designed along cynical principles and serves cynical ends better than any others. And nothing represents the overall nature and substance of the Internet better than masturbating in the marketplace. Where else but the Internet can you purchase, write and wank off—all at the same time?