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Discimination is the suffering and unfair treatment from tyranny or bigotry experienced by an individual. Some places have laws where this behaviour is unacceptable in the workplace and other situations. Discriminatory treatment is almost always a bad thing because it creates disadvantages for individuals and is a front to human dignity. The problem for those suffering from this type of treatment is that is hard to prove or verify a victims claims.


People can also suffer discimination because of the political beliefs, sexual preference, marriage status, health status, age, etc. This unequal treatment can arise from a personal bias against someone due to an irrrelevant or trivial characteristic. Laws and rules can induce discrimination, for example, bans on gay marriages.

Popular broadcasts may create discrimination. Communications are therefore commonly regulated to prevent incitred of hate and prevent discrimination. For example, the Australian Broadcast Authority's Code of Conduct for commercial radio, section 1(1.3) reads "A licensee shall not broadcast a program which: (e) is likely to incite or perpetuate hatred against vilify any person or group on the basis of age, ethnicity, nationality, race, gender, sexual preference, religion or physical or mental disability." Similar provisions exist for other media platforms like tv.


Discrimination includes all unfair treatment of a qualified person because of a pre-judgemed idea regarding perceived group characteristics, rather than on individual judgment. Examples of blatant discrimination include:

  • Racial Discrimination
  • Sexual Harassment
    • Inappropriate touching, leering
    • Constantly asking for dates
    • Suggestive comments about bodies and body parts, smutty jokes, etc
    • Treating women as sex objects
    • sexist humiliation
  • Mistreatment because of accident of birth, disability or natural condition
  • Failure to provide reasonable accommodation


Discrimination is not just about name calling, being inpolite or unfriendly. Far from it, discrimination includes intimidation, threats, saboutage, vandalism, vigilantism, and much worse. If discrimination occurs in front of large numbers of people, or broadcast to many people it becomes vilification. Vilification can result in the incitement of hatred.

Discrimination can be conducted in the workplace, in educational institutions, by the church and in many other venues. Sexual Harassment includes sexism against women, although men also suffer from sexual harassment too. Inappropriate comments can decrease productivity in the workplace.

Bullying can only consist of insulting words or crude behaviour as well as physical attack. Bullying is often used to intimidate or degrade other peers. Enlightenment and collaboration to counter discrimination achieves mixed results. Unfortunately some do not even learn from that.

Assertion is the next best tactic. Those that are bullied should always let those doing the bullying know that their behaviour is unacceptable. If those who discriminate continue to do so, then the only solution to the problem is to teach the bully a lesson that they will not forget. They need to be taught that their double standard is harmful to themselves.

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