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(I'm busy. This is out of date.)

My nickname is dpi but i prefer to be called (just) Jeroen ("Jarone") as that is my first name. Unfortunately for me, i cannot use Jeroen as nickname on the Internet because that wouldn't be practical; its one of the 3 most popular names in my country hence i'm looking for an additional, less common first name. Sometimes i also prefer to be semi-anonymous. I do not consider myself an anarchist and do not consider anyone i know who considers him- or herself an anarchist being one. I do see anarchism as Perfect or as a guideline but unfortunately also impractical -- at best, impractical as a revolution changing the current systems. Rather, i suggest we improve the current systems based on what is, what we know, what we are to become more enlightened in the literal sense of the word. It is my wish that after i passed away, i as one of the many individuals on this planet have (in)directly made a valuable contribution to this process which i see as an evolution or ecosystem. Currently, i am a regular contributor to, various FOSS and grassroot projects, enjoying various Temporary Autonomous Zones, and i am employed in the Tech field. As a final note, i prefer to enjoy life.

[I'll add my home page -which contains Art, theory and information- later when i have more bandwidth available. Unrelated to that: I am interested in scalable alternatives for NFSv3. Has anyone tried GFS (Red Hat's GPLed Global File System for the Linux kernel) already?]

I also like...

..and i dislike...

..and i'd like to do (more)...

..and not, or less...

I know about several seem-to-be inconsistencies in the above, but it ain't as black versus white as it might seem at first glance. There's a lot of pragmaticism and background behind most entries and i left out a lot of doubtable elements already. For example, i don't like Theo Deraadt's social skills (or rather the lack of these), but i do admire his honesty and OpenBSD-related work. I have similar opinions regarding Richard Stallman, Dan Bernstein, Jonathan Schwartz and Pamela Jones yet i added Groklaw, Sun Microsystems and Wikipedia because they tend to be hot items and i have criticism to various specific parts of their culture and behaviour. Did i already mention i hated DECs marketing and management department? In case you haven't noticed, almost all entries are sorted alphabetically. Thanks to ABliss for the awesome concept of formatting. Oh and yes, i am a dreamer with a down-to-earth destination as it is my opinion that improves (my) life. ZzZz.

In my view infoAnarchy is and will continue to be an important addition to the Knowledge Vault. I wish we as online collective experience enjoyment while we're on that destination.

With Love,



What i'm looking forward...

..add to that some of the above red entries.

Feel free to edit obvious typo's or spam and feel free to discuss on...