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Aka: FD.O, FD.o or FDO

From the homepage:

" is a free software project to work on interoperability and shared technology for environment|desktop environments for the X Window System. The most famous X desktops are GNOME and KDE but any developers working on Linux/UNIX GUI technology are welcome to participate. wants to build a base platform for desktop software on Linux and UNIX. The elements of this platform become the backend for higher-level application-visible APIs, such as Qt, GTK+, XUL, VCL, WINE, GNOME, and KDE. The platform contains both code and specifications. is not currently a formal standards organization, though some see a need for one that covers some of the areas we are working on. For Linux operating system standards, please see the Linux Standard Base project. is loosely affiliated with the Free Standards Group; the FSG is one group that does "de jure" standards for free software. The X.Org Foundation and the IETF are other groups that do formal standards.
Unlike these groups, is just a "collaboration zone" where ideas and code can be tossed around, and de facto specifications encouraged. We also host any "on-topic" software projects, if you have a project that fits into our mission and needs hosting please let us know on our mailing list. Mailing lists on the software and discussions are hosted here as well.
If you have any comments or questions about this site please send a message to the list, or just create a Wiki account. Editing pages is restricted to people in the Freedesktop Group, please ask to be added."

The website runs for 100% on a Wiki. However, write access is restricted. In late 2003, XFree86 was forked by after which they incorporated the code into X.Org's X server tree. This was due to a license change identical to the traditional BSD license.

The project hosts several interesting projects. For more information about the Freedesktop.Org project, see their website.