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This is a Dangerous topic.

This page is intended to list and categorize people and organizations that have played a role in the fight for or against strong restrictions on copying. Here you will find law professors that support short copyright terms, artists that allow sharing their work, developers that have created innovative file sharing tools, activists fighting for freedom of speech -- but also authors seeking the death penalty for copyright infringers, politicians in the deep pockets of the content industry, coders creating tools for tracking copyright infringers, and so on.

Feel free to add your own name to the list where appropriate, and amend it with other helpful information. Please also help to create subpages for the persons listed here.


Friends (law): Lawrence Lessig, Jack M. Balkin, Yochai Benkler, James Boyle Burt Neuborne, Robert Post, Jed Rubenfeld, Eben Moglen, Jessica Litman, Dennis S. Karjala, Keith Aoki, Stephen R. Barnett, Margreth Barrett, Ann Bartow, Tom W. Bell, Paul Schiff Berman, Dan L. Burk, Margaret Chon, Richard Chused, Julie E. Cohen , Kenneth D. Crews, Robert Denicola, F. Jay Dougherty, Rochelle C. Dreyfuss, Christine Haight Farley, Eric M. Freedman, Laura N. Gasaway, Shubha Ghosh, Llewellyn Joseph Gibbons, Paul J. Heald, Steven D. Jamar, John Kidwell, Robert A. Kreiss, Lew Kurlantzick, Marshall A Leaffer, Joseph P. Liu, Lydia Pallas Loren, Michael J. Madison, Peter W. Martin, Willajeanne McLean, Charles R. McManis, Robert P. Merges, Michael J. Meurer, Neil Weinstock Netanel, Francis M. Nevins, Dawn C. Nunziato, Robert L. Oakley, Ruth Gana Okediji, Maureen A. O'Rourke, David G. Post, Margaret Jane Radin, R. Anthony Reese, John Rothchild, Pamela Samuelson, David J. Seipp, David E. Shipley, David E. Sorkin, J. Russell VerSteeg, Eugene Volokh, Sarah K. Wiant, Diane L. Zimmerman, Malla Pollack
Friends (Internet and technology): Deirdre K. Mulligan, Jason M. Schultz, Mark Lemley, Jennifer M. Urban, Steven M. Harris, Ian Clarke, Bram Cohen, Tim Berners-Lee, Brandon Wiley, Bryce "Zooko" Wilcox-O'Hearn, Jim McCoy, Luke Francl -- Germany: Alvar Freude, Andy M�ller-Maguhn, Erik Moeller, Marc Espie, Whitfield Diffie, Phil Zimmerman, Clay Shirky, Red Prieste
Friends (science and education): Jeffrey P. Cunard, Bruce P. Keller, Christopher J. Robinson, Rebecca Tushnet, Phyllis Schlafly, Karen Tripp -- Germany: Volker Grassmuck, Wolfgang Coy, Jeanette Hofmann, Sebastien Paquet
Friends (economics): George A. Akerlof, Kenneth J. Arrow, Timothy F. Bresnahan, James M. Buchanan, Ronald H. Coase, Linda R. Cohen, Milton Friedman, Jerry R. Green, Robert W. Hahn, Thomas W. Hazlett, C. Scott Hemphill, Robert E. Litan, Roger G. Noll, Richard Schmalensee, Steven Shavell, Hal R. Varian, Richard J. Zeckhauser
Friends (politics): Rick Boucher, Karin Spaink
Friends (authors and publishers): Jim Baen, Stephen King, Tim O'Reilly, Mattis Manzel
Friends (musicians): LL Cool J, Chuck D.
Enemies (politics): Joseph Biden, James Sensenbrenner, Bobby Scott, John Conyers, Howard Coble, Dianne Feinstein
Enemies (authors and publishers): Harlan Ellison, K.W. Jeter
Enemies (organizations): Mitch Bainwol.

Musicians Who Allow Sharing Their Work

Mainstream: The Offspring, Public Enemy, Hole, Motley Crue, Kittie, kumquat, Robbie Williams [1]

The Gathering allows live concert bootlegs, to the point of having linking/sharing on their fan forum.

Linkin Park is/was ok with it, spawning a lot of bootleg audios when they were a young band.

Musicians Who Strongly Oppose Sharing Their Work

Mainstream: Metallica, Dr. Dre, Elton John, Paul McCartney