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Acronym: Gnu Privacy Guard

A complete and Free Software replacement for the commercial PGP encryption tool for a wide variety of operating systems. Although the program itself is textmode only, user-friendly front-ends are available (see below).

Unlike PGP, it can be used without any restrictions by individuals and commercial entities alike because it does not use the patented IDEA algorithm.

PGP Compatibility

  • PGP users can disable the use of the IDEA algorithm in their options to make it fully compatible.
  • GPG users can install an IDEA plugin explained here.

GPG is an OpenPGP-compliant (RFC 2440]) application.

Programs using GPG

There are many front-end tools for the program:

  • WinPT

Acronym: Windows Privacy Tools

Home Page:


A Windows program that acts much like the commercial PGP freeware installation but with no licensing issues (GPL). Very feature-rich and useful and almost completely compatible with commercial PGP.

  • Enigmail

Home Page:

A GPG front-end for e-mail that allows for a cross-platform user-interface with any computer that will run Mozilla Mail/News. A plug-in in constant development.

  • MacGPG

Acronym: Mac Gnu Privacy Guard

Home Page: (SourceForge)

MacOSX port of the GPG program. A Command-Line Interface.

  • GPA

Acronym: The Gnu Privacy Assistant

Home Page:

A user-friendly, GUI Front-end to GPG for many UNIX-like operating systems.