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An Internet media corporation mainly known because of its advertising business and search engine that has immense popularity and reliability, noted for its high performance. At Google users can try an advanced search as well as search the Web, search for Images, Usenet discussion forums, Open Directory (which is a categorized volunteer-maintained set of link categories) and the News. Google also has a cache feature which can display pages that have been removed from the net, but still exist in Google's cache.

It is is both fast and free (as in beer). Google supports itself through advertising* and Search Solution Services. Google has country, language, topic-specific and directory search functions. Google has developed proprietary technology which has proven to deal with scalability well. Part of this success comes from the fact that while Google does not search very deeply, it does sort and order an excellent choice of pages which includes PDF, DOC and PostScript files.

Google has become the biggest search engine on the Internet which raises a concern of privacy, ethics and bias. Their Orkut has multiple privacy issues. Gmail, Google's mail server will not guarantee deleted mails are actually deleted.

Google shares began trading on NASDAQ on the 19th august 2004 after selling approximately 10% of the company using a model similar to Dutch auction. Successfull bidders paid $85 for their shares. More shares will enter the market over the next six months as insiders are allowed to sell.

Google Zeitgeist is a popularity indicator of search terms using the statistics from its websites and its several country-wide websites. Since august 2004, Google has taken down a few statistics of its Zeitgeist: web browser usage and operating system usage. These statistics were popular in discussions on the Net as indicator of market share of the various web browsers and OSs.

== Google Mail == (aka Gmail)

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