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These are the Blue-Sky RFEs for this Wiki. Blue-Sky are lists of ideal changes and suggestions that exist independant of their ability to be implimented. See: Blue-Sky.

Many topics on this page will become overly complecated and will be pushed into their own Wiki page. Please use links as <code>iA Wiki/Blue-Sky TOPIC</code> like so IA Wiki/Blue-Sky TOPIC to set them up on their own clean page.

Bullet cleanup - lists of items, and a comment after each item does not look right:

  • topic - some text goes here
  • another topic - some text goes here.

Notice how the dashes don't line up? It would be nice if a form of tabling existed like so:

  • topic - this will line up
  • another topic - with this

And have the above appear as:

  • topic

- this will line up

  • another topic - with this
  • topic

- this is a very long line of text which

wraps around and still looks good.

  • another topic - this line looks nice too.

Underscores which are the same colour as the background could be used to force the width. Hrm, actually a lot of this would require knowledge of the width of the viewing client. It's possible with javascript or the like.. it's also possible to learn the client width via other means, which could be quite useful. Perhaps caching versions of a page with wrapping pre-prepared for certain resolutions would be possible. Of course, a dedicated wiki viewer or plugin would make things much easier.

A well-designed tabling concept would be able to pull this off with reasonable ease.

  • Track popularity of pages based on number of visits / edits by unique users or just repeat visits. Do graphs of activities. Figure out what times of day / week are popular. Go nuts and figure out based on IPs what countries people are visiting from. Track referrals.
  • It would be possible to have a memory function know which pages a user has visited and read on, in order to allow them to hit the 'diff' button and compare that page with 1) Their last visit to that page, or 2) Their last edit of that page. It's a convenience feature really.
  • A function which acts like a pointer in the changelogs would be nice. With such a function, a person viewing the changelogs can see when a person removes a block of text, and a little tag would be auto-generated to show where that block of text was inserted as new in another page. If this could be automated somehow, it would remove the reliance and need for a user to comment in the diff.
  • Since a wiki is a matter of quick edits, perhaps a function to pipe changes through an online dictionary would be useful. Even grammar checking might work out nicely. Since edits are reasonably small and infrequent, perhaps this would be feasable. urr.. feasible. <code> =) </code>
  • In order to edit a page as new, have it such that one has to be referred by an existing page. Do referral checking. This would reduce the number of entirely unattached pages which get created, and ought to help the wiki problem of staying "on topic".
  • Be able to seed a page with markers such that another page can refer to sections of that page with #INCLUDE-type statements. This would allow for intelligent quoting without duplicating effort via cut-and-paste. It would also allow the internal or one or more pages be actively and automatically updated with the content from other pages, of significant value in some setups.
  • One solution if wiki editing becomes uncontrollably anarchic: Based on a heirarchical page ownership, page-locking could be applied such that a certain user owns a certain set of pages. /Talk pages would remain freely accessed. The owner of a page would import / edit based on it's /Talk recommendations. A system of moderation-style voting could sign a specific person or people to own the page.
    • Furthermore, the page's ownership could automatically expire if a certain amount of activity in it's /Talk is seen without any updating by the owner of the main page. Basically, if the owner goes on vacation or something, there is a system to automatically pass over ownership.