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Note: This is a draft

See also: iA Wiki | Welcome, Newcomers | Style Guide | Text Formatting Rules

This is a set of guidelines helping newbie iA Wiki contributors to learn more about the standards used in this Wiki. These are not meant as rules of law and discussion or improvements are both encouraged.


This is an example of the basic format or template that is used by most people on this Wiki:

See also: Related Subject #1 | Related Subject #2 | Related Subject #3

Home Page: http://www.example.com

Acronym: YMMV

Short, accurate description using Wiki-style.

Paragraph #1

Text paragraph 1.

Paragraph #2

Text paragraph 2.

Paragraph #3

Text Paragraph 3.




  • See also: Some Wiki contributors prefer to link to subjects which are directly related to the subject while on the bottom they link to more indirectly, remotely related subjects.
  • Home Page / Acronym: These are global information which give in short information about what the entry is about, what the meaning is. A space is used before these entries. They're not required and sometimes other ones are included on this place as well (which ones? Needs to be added imo - dpi)
  • Home Page: The entry Home Page has a description of what a Homepage is. In contrast, the entry Homepage is the actual Homepage of the Wiki itself. In a Wiki entry, you'll more often link to Home Page.
  • Introduction: A short, accurate introduction of what the entry is about. This together with the Home Page and Acronym description should tell the reader as much as possible with as little text as possible using Wiki style links as much as possible to circumvent double information.
  • Paragraphs: Book / Wiki style with more in depth information of the entry.
  • Related subject links: More, remotely related / indirectly related subjects.
  • Links: Offsite links to remotely related / indirectly related subjects.
  • The holy grail for a perfect iA wiki edit would be
    • on topic and relevant to this wiki
    • the edit explained something better, is coherent, ordered and placed into sentences and paragraphs correctly
    • contains no grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors
    • strict adherence to the these guidelines, Text Formatting Rules and Style Guide
    • considers comments on a /Talk page if it exists
    • is correctly linked to main related topics and to all other important wiki words
    • includes summary and check for minor edit type
  • A very good editing session might include
    • a new stub, website or piece of software
    • a new howto, tip or recommendation
    • editing of a topic related to a current affair or active news item
    • more edits than the current average monthly total