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RFE is an acronym for "Request For Enhancement".

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This is for discussion on the improvement of the underlying abilities of the iA Wiki itself. Discussions of the content or it's structure of this Wiki can be made in the iA Wiki/Talk page.

Note that this page will be oft-updated, and conversation will be cleaned up. Nobody's text here is a direct quote, as their chatter is frequently modified for clarity. Newer topics are at the bottom of this list.

Research before you complain!

Things which must be done before adding to this or any related page:

Familiarize yourself with these related pages:
  • Always check to see if a command already exists before requesting it. Note that this implementation of Wiki may not have all the functionality available in other Wikis. Read up on iA Wiki to determine if a feature was specifically left unimplemented.

After having understood the content of the above links and you feel your RFE is valid, post it below. Try to be as detached and impersonal as possible in it's description. Quick conversation on a topic is fine on this page, but if it gets complecated, especially if an RFE is being actively worked on, push the RFE into it's own page, like <code>iA Wiki/RFE TOPIC</code> so: iA Wiki/RFE TOPIC to keep things clean.

- What would really help is a list of RFEs currently being worked on or considered. That way users get a feel for author workload and gain more respect for the structure of requesting an enhancement. -- rack


CamelCase! :)

Never going to happen. CamelCaseMustDie! -- Erik
Agreed, I can't stand CamelCase. Square bracket tags are even easier to remember than HTML tags, and most people have no problem remember those. Besides, CamelCase introduces strange problems with indexing sites since none of the links end up being proper English. -- LukeyBoy

The wiki itself has no pattern for <A NAME type links, but HTML links can be turned on to have a Wikki point inside of another Wikki. This would allow one to directly reference some of the topics on the main homepage.

I wanted to do some small tweaks on the code an design anyway. This is yet another feature that ScoopWiki should have -- anchors are really handy for large pages. -- Erik

A thread-watching function: Wikipedia has a watchlist feature, but this Wiki doesn't, unfortunately.

Instead of extending it too much, I'm working on incorporating a wiki into Scoop (ScoopWiki, which will have this and other features. -- Erik

How come there is a space below this line

and above this line. But not below this line
and above this line?

how do I remove the blank below this line
  • and above this line?

How can I make this text and this text be on separate lines, with no blank line between them?


  1. (diff) IA Wiki/RFE 21:34 (edit) . . . . . Rack


  1. 21:34 (diff) IA Wiki/RFE . . . . . Rack

Actually, (new) should be listed on new items, and not (edit), since edits are so frequent... perhaps large changes should be labelled somehow.. it'd be cool to see a green/yellow/red asterisk beside changes to show how much change has been done.. say minimal for green, a paragraph-ish for yellow, and more than that is red.

Does the time even need to be displayed? Perhaps have the history of changes have a horizontal bar for each hour and just section off each hours worth of edits or some such thing? This would give some small savings on the size of the history list and amount of bandwidth used to push it to the user, etc.

This is actually easier than it seems. No change to the source of the wiki engine is necessary, instead there are two ways to do this:
1. rename the perl script and change the web server config.
2. change the webservers config to map /wiki to /wiki.pl as a ScriptAlias
Hope this helps -- C-Keen
fwiw currently you can browse to http://infoanarchy.org/wiki and it will get you to the wiki home page, which is a much shorter URL. i'm guessing though that this request is directed more at linking to specific pages? -schvin
Yes, I was referring to linking to internal pages. It's a bit unwieldly atm. -- rack

Quick topics:

  • While this Wiki does not support camelcast links, be able to enforce a specific title. Some sort of #TITLE SomeTitle to explicitly set the title for the page.
  • Filtering for the Recent Changes list - so one can remove ones own edits from the list, or remove /Talk or Sandbox type pages. Perhaps have specific pages like Sandbox given a #NORECENTCHANGES (but less ugly) type code so that they will not be picked up in the recent changes list.
  • Have /Talk automatically flagged as a minor edit. Maybe just make it default set as that.. and let the user uncheck it.
  • Simplify the double-bracketting hell which users are forced to comply with. That way [link] can be used instead of link. The Wiki engine could look for http:// type codes and understand them as being external links.
  • Add a link to /Talk by default on each page: insert it into the footer. Perhaps not appropriate for all pages though. Perhaps have it be default for pages of a certain size?
  • Give user functionality to optionally place the footer links in the header (or at both locations). Perhaps just add "edit this page" in the header for ease of use. This was possible on another Wiki and may be a specifically unimplemented feature.
  • Have the wiki understand and auto-redirect plural links when the plural form of a page does not currently exist. So if one points one's browser to linkages and that page does not exist, they will be auto-redirected to linkage if that page does exist. This would obsolete the manual creation of some #REDIRECT pages.
  • If a user does not log in and they edit some pages, these pages are tagged with an assumed name (ip, etc). Let such a user either create an account or log in later and reassociate everything to that later-chosen pseudonym. That way the Wiki doesn't have so many incomprehensible changelog owners.
  • Functionality to move/rename a Wiki more easily. Such a function would either take the renamed page create a #REDIRECT page to the new name (quick fix), or would burrow into all other Wiki pages to change their links (blue sky).
  • Add a Wiki #INCLUDE statement to include the body of another Wiki page. This would be handy for having a template wiki page used on multiple other Wiki pages.
  • Have multiple edits done back-to-back by one user be included in one single changelog. If this is how it is already, then have the ability to see a diff between one edit and the edit directly before / after it. At the moment, it appears to be difficult to easily track what user edited what when and what changes were made. If someone wanted to see who added a certain text, there appears to be no easy way to see who first inserted it. Blue-Sky: be able to take a changelog of a page and do a search for a set of text to see a changelog of that paragraph.
  • Many authors, specifically when conversing, will tag their name at the end of a paragraph. Since the Wiki already knows who is editing the page, have a quick-tag function, such that an editor can end a paragraph with a code like <code>--me</code>, and if this code is found at the end of a paragraph, the Wiki will insert the author's name.
  • The Wiki forces a user to encapsulate every single paragraph with <code><i> and </i></code> for example instead of allowing one <code></i></code> and multiple paragraphs of text before the <code></i></code> tag is needed. Perhaps add easier functionality with <code><I> and </I></code> (capitalization) to have the italisization (or whathaveyou) span multiple paragraphs more easily? Perhaps it is a safe assumption that this sort of functionality was removed for ease of editing a page. Blue-Sky: have capitalized codes be optional for power-users.
  • Remove the use of end tags like <code></i></code>. Have the wiki understand that these end at the end of a paragraph.
  • Allow sub-sub directories, nested to the administrator's preference. This would allow some cleaner structure with pages linked like so: <code>Homepage/Topic/Subtopic</code>
  • Create a function to find stray, unlinked, pages. Sometimes a page is created and it's not linked to anything. Perhaps be able to search for pages only linked to, say, 'x' pages. Blue-Sky: Maybe some intelligence to detect if the page being linked from is a major topic.
  • Add a quicker search function somewhere, like a search input box on the homepage.
  • When a users chooses to show both minor and major changes in the Recent Changes page, have the major changes marked (give an asterisk or something).
  • Be able to add a link like <code>c++</code>. Perhaps have the wiki translate illegal characters into some other form, like <code>c-plus--plus-</code> so it's still legal somehow. Link this RFE to the recommendation to allow settable titles so that an ugly url like the above could have a title renamed to <tt>c++</tt> neatly.
  • While defaults are used elsewhere, there is one case where a default is not used. The default horizontal line has been changed from it's default to that of a double horizontal line. (technically, this should be user-changable within one's browser -- rack)
  • Since #REDIRECT Wiki Name is possible, as well as #REDIRECT Wiki_Name, perhaps allow #REDIRECT [1]. Maybe have that functionality be available at an administrator's preference?
  • Add an 'ancient changes' page which lists the last 'x' oldest changes done. Trolling through a list like that would let a 'recent changes' addict do some real good to remove cruft from older pages.
  • Allow <code><u></code> and <code></u></code> for underlining.
  • Change the diff code so that the coloring of differences is not so vague. It's taxing to read through long paragraphs to find that one minor spelling change. Perhaps have another mode lingering around for those of us who troll difflogs constantly and need more exact difflog functionality?
  • Functionality to allow one to more easily search through changelog comments.
  • Design an administrator's uber-search function which can also search through the history of every page. Give some flexible functionality to set dates etc.
  • Multiple edits right after the other should be virtually combined within the difflogs etc.
  • Allow @ in wiki links.
  • Have the engine translate %20 (spaces) as underscores, so that direct URLs could be provided without the messy underscores.
  • Add another mode with the 'recent changes' page which will stack multiple edits together. This will let a user see who has done which edits, and also see multiple revision comments easily.
  • Add a google-style "quick search" whereby the search function can be called and the first entry found is where the user would be sent. Ranking of some kind might be necessary to make that properly useful though.
  • Add more functionality to edit conflicts. Add in two diffs, one is one's proposed edit in comparison to the one it would have normally replaced (if there wasn't a conflict), and the second is the other user's edit in comparison to what it has replaced. Also add in a line to echo out that other user's summary text (changelog).
  • Add a "logout" function
  • Don't bold notes on the Recent Changes page. It becomes quite bright at times.
  • Allow links with invalid characters such as *, and just transparently translate them, so that all characters could be used for titles or link pages. Sure, such translation would get messy for URLs, but it's a small price to pay for the convenience. Alternately, this could be partially resolved by allowing separate code to affix any title of one's choosing to a page, without having the wiki rely on the url.

Hey Erik, can we go to a "stats" page on this Wiki? I'd love to see how many entries there currently are, as well as how many entries are mentioned but incomplete, what the average amount of edits is per entry, who's done how many edits, all that sort of stuff. That would seriously rock, and i can't imagine it'd be too hard to add. -- Amw

This would be pretty neat... I may tinker around with this. -schvin

I like the random page link that most other wiki's seems to have. How about one here? ziv

Link Dump. Also, many thanks for helping me delete spam. Webfork
Look at the "random page" link on the left of the wikipedia main page, thats what I;m requesting, a link that goes to any page in the wiki at random.
if you go to "Preferences" you can check "Add "Random Page" link to link bar ", which will add the random bar. It works nicely. Let me know if that is not what you are looking for... or if you are just asking for it to be a part of the navigation by default? schvin
Didn't notice that in preferances. I think it should be on by default. It's equivalent to opening a book at a random page and perhpas learning somthing new.

could anybody tell me if it's possible to merge mind mapping into a wiki, for any given page have automatic generation of a mind map centered on it using lines to represent links in a "intelligent" way, as in different colors to say : This page is a subcatagory of That , This page page is prerequisit for That , or a more generalised base reference , etc.

This seems to me to be an important evolution in wiki's in general, maybe it could be worked out by people not specificaly on this wiki, sort of in general, but I don't know who to ask.