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Each wiki develops in its own way. This page will attempt to discuss and analyse the distinct characterists of this wiki, its editors and how they change as the wiki expands.

This wiki is different from most other wikis in that it is Public Domain. We have also been described as information and free speech absolutists by editors of MeatballWiki.

By the second half of 2003, editorial patterns for this wiki were emerging. At this time the wiki was recognised as being within the top 30 wikis by size. Distributed collaboration combined with the broad and dynamic nature of a wiki makes it difficult to define cultural elements, although the following subtopics may help to analyse important social interactions.


  • I listen to music when I read. I put music on when I sit down in front of the wiki. When the music stops, I rarely notice. -- Sy
  • Isn't it hilarious when you get an edit conflict removing graffiti? -- Sy
  • I and many other authors tend to blurt out what they have in mind for a topic. Then, either someone comes back and edits their work or they return and edit their own. As a consequence, no one (or few) people actually write well by nature but by trial and error. Webfork