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This page is an attempt to record a timeline of all the cute things which have happened here on the wiki. Since a wiki is a live dynamic body, it is difficult to see or remember little changes and hiccups. Hopefully this page will bring a little more life and history into this community.


- 2017 -

  • 2017-07-14 -- Sy peeks in again.
    • Hello, anyone. I'm elsewhere, and my old websites are gone (but not forgotten)
    • I've updated my email address and confirmed that email from this wiki/server is working, so theoretically I can be contacted.
    • I don't know why, but I have two logins. Well they're both updated now.

- 2008 -

  • Jun 01 -- Sy peeks back in to recover old notes and put old discussions to bed.
    • The original group of contributors is long gone, and all of those projects and discussions are quite crufty by now. Visit me at http://jrandomhacker.info or search around for Sy Ali.

- 2005 -

- 2004 -

  • Nov 30 - Mlc came
  • Nov 28 - Kittensauce came
  • Nov 12 - TheDarkShirt came
  • Sep 21 - Webfork is rated as this wiki's karma king.
  • Aug ?? - crtn and dpi begin contributing
  • Aug 02 - Webfork reports that iA has appeared on the list of biggest wikis.
  • Jun 18 - Sy reports that spamming has continued well after the removal of his email address from his name page.
  • Jun 18 - Amw came.
  • May 18 - MarcoParrone came.
  • May 13 - FreeBSD ad-posting "hacker" fiasco begins. It went quiet soon afterwards.
  • May 05 - Controversy over the Pornography topic ensued. Discussion of free speech vs. the value of information continued over the next two days until Erik confirmed his opinion on the issue, relaxing concerns. Pornography looks to be an up-and-coming topic.
  • Apr 24 - webfork came.
  • Apr 22 - Sy obfuscated his email address to reduce spamming.
  • Apr 07 - Tzaquiel removed his page due to spamming. It appears that being high on the Google list has a down side. Sy noticed a surge in spam, but it wasn't too horrible.
  • Apr 03 - The Konspire2b topic was created yesterday. Today I (Sy) Googled for it, and it shows up as the second entry. Not only does it rank second in a day, but it ranks higher than the APN Records channel subscription page, APN being the prime testbed for this new Konspire. Google loves us.
  • Feb ?? - Information And Activism Websites created. It's since become quite popular.
  • Jan 19 - Tepples reported in Copyright Term Reform that we got Slashdotted 01/18 20:50 GMT. Uh oh.  ;)
  • Jan 12 - Inception of 'iA Wiki Culture', spurred on by a typo on Kademlia.
  • Jan 12 - A user found us because of a google search attempt with a typoed phrase. They found our page on the topic they wanted because we also had the same typo. "Kadmelia" typoed on the Kademlia page, at least as old as revision 4 (link) brought a person (nw) at revision 6. (link)
  • Jan ?? - ABliss arrived.

- 2003 -

- 2002 -