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Have a look at the IA_Wiki page for more information. General discussion about the wiki is at Talk:IA_Wiki

iA wiki has just been changed to different software. A lot of housekeeping is in progress to adapt to the new software.

To edit this wiki you must log in. Register a userid if you have not already - no e-mail address or personal information required. The process is purely an attempt to fence off the wiki from Spam.

You can help by removing /talk links that go to non existant pages and by reverting spam as a few links have been broken by the software change. It might be worth searching other wiki's for broken links to iA?

New entries are still very welcome. The Special:Wantedpages page shows non-existant pages that are linked within the wiki although currently many of the pages on that list are links that have been broken by the new software being case sensitive.

Community discussion in this wiki has generally taken place on the /talk pages of active contributors.