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Wikipedia uses the community portal page to advertise pages that need work and provide new user information.

Any thoughts on what to do with our community portal page?

We managed without one before, I have no objection to removing it to make the page less cluttered.

The mouseover says "about the project, what you can do, where to find things."

At the risk of stating the obvious most of what WP puts here you have put on the front page. If you made the front page mainly for readers (which INHO is a good idea) then you'd have a decent amount left to come here. --AndrewCates 11:15, 28 Sep 2004 (GMT)

Awesome suggestion. I agree with it, but have some points regarding the implementation of it:

  • 1) How (e.g. only a link or more broad?) and where do you want to link TO the 'community portal'? (Which: iA_Wiki, Main_Page. No suggestion on how to link.)
  • 2) How do you want to name the 'community portal'? (iA_Community_portal is fine w/me. I prefer the iA prefix for the sake of a sane structure.)
  • 3) We currently use Talk:iA_Wiki to discuss. (Could the result of these discussions be a source to add to 'community portal'? I think that's a Good Thing.)
  • 4) If 3 is true, then the talk page of 'community portal' needs to be forwarded to iA_Wiki? (I think so, but perhaps there's a better solution.) -- User Dpi:dpi