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Because many of these web sites touch on hot topics, their content and sometimes they themselves are Dangerous. Many of the websites listed here are also found in various wiki topics. This website and this wiki discuss a number of activism issues, and several activism-related websites are linked throughout it, like Open Source, GNU, Peekabooty, etc. InfoAnarchy is currently interested in the Copyright Term Reform debate.

There are a number of websites dedicated to the telling of truths not commonly known and dispelling current myths. Some of these are media channels featuring "watchdog journalism", while others re-publish documents as they become declassified. In particular, the less abrasive or completely anti-authoritarian form of anarchist is interested in this sort of free information philosophy.

Advocacy Groups

Some advocacy groups work with the legal and political framework to achieve goals. These include the political organsations tha lobby government for on behalf of a particular group, community or cause. These groups try to improve the link between technology and law by swaying public opinion with good public relations while paying limited respect to enforcement of intellectual property such as copyright.

  • PetitionOnline - free online hosting of public petitions for responsible public advocacy
  • CDT - Center for Democracy and Technology
  • Anti-DMCA
  • Against TCPA
  • Public Knowledge - new public-interest advocacy organization dedicated to fortifying and defending a vibrant information commons
  • Association Electronic Libre - pressure group from Belgium (not to be confused with the Belgium political party Arabian Europian Liga)

Activist Websites

  • Warprofiteers Links - A large collection of information and activism websites.
  • Indymedia - The global starting point of the worldwide Independent Media Centre network. A distribution and support network for independent, grassroots journalists.
  • - is a people's movement that wants to bring social, environmental, economic and political Justice to America and to the World. Strategic Actions are offered to create this evolution.
  • - has lots of information of interest to anarchists, anti-authoritarians, and other activists. Also check out their news section.
  • Autonomedia/Interactivist Info Exchange Slashcode based website primarily orientated towards radical social criticism but also containing 'activist' news and discussion. Contains relevant and useful articles on the expansion of intellectual property Rights and resistance to same.
  • Openflows - Focussed on political issues affecting networks, Free Software/Open Source and telecommunications. openflows is also a company providing software services.
  • Creative Commons - devoted to expanding the range of creative work available for others to build upon and share
  • Center for the Public Domain - formerly the Red Hat Foundation, now one of the foremost think-tanks developing an intellectual front against information enclosure
  • Digital Consumer - Protecting fair-use rights in the digital world
  • The Centre For Public Integrity - The Centers books, studies and newsletters combine political science and investigative reporting, unfettered by the usual time and space constraints. Through its hard-earned reputation for "public service journalism," the Center aims to produce high-quality, well-documented, investigative research resulting in a better-informed citizenry that demands a higher level of accountability from its government and elected leaders. The Center also extends globally its style of watchdog journalism in the public interest through the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ). Created in 1997, ICIJ includes more than 80 leading investigative reporters and editors in over 40 countries.
  • - Guerilla News Network
  • Cryptome - Publishes newly declassified materials from the USA.
  • Center for Media & Democracy - a nonprofit, public interest organization funded by individuals and nonprofit foundations and dedicated to investigative reporting on the public relations industry. Founder of PR Watch
  • - Information about the role of technology in politics, privacy, tech worker rights and more
  • The Independent
  • Anti-Internet Hall of Shame - Activism against Trademark Protection, Workplace Surveillance, Internet Censors and web content ratings schemes.
  • TomPaine.common sense - A public interest journal
  • Stoned Out Loud Music Industry Reform and Resources - eBlogazine Journal Music Industry Reform, Newfeeds, Resources, and selected News Summaries, Links and Commentary
  • - An alternative to sensationalist journalism.
  • Transparency International - the global coalition against corruption
  • attac - the international movement for democratic control of financial markets and their institutions
  • Stop1984 - now! - Against Total Surveillance!
  • United For Peace - A U.S. resource for anti-war activists
  • A Voice for Freedom - A publication focused on promoting freedom and justice around the world
  • TFF - The Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research
  • - organizing a response to antidemocratic distortion of the truth
  • Freedom to Tinker - ... is your freedom to understand, discuss, repair, and modify the technological devices you own
  • is a center for research and development of cypherpunk projects such as remailers, anonymous peer-to-peer services, secure network tunnels, mobile voice encryption, untraceable electronic cash, secure operating environments, etc.
  • Feasta - aims to explore and promote the characteristics - economic, cultural and environmental - that a society must have in order to be truly sustainable.
  • - Holding corporations accountable
  • Economic and Game Theory Intellectual Property Page - by Michele Boldrin and David K. Levine
  • RISQ - Independent Research and Informed Opinion on World Affairs.
  • Theories of Free Software and the Commons
  • Schnews Direct Action Newsletter
  • Free Legal Music Downloads Fight the RIAA, listen to free legal DRM-less music from independent artists.
  • Intellectual Property Considered Harmful - Resources against copyright and patents.

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