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Home Page: http://www.mixminion.net/

A type III remailer protocol. Mixminion is software suite that lets you send and receive very anonymous mail. You will probably only want to use it if you are technically inclined, curious, and interested in helping the Mixminion development effort. Do NOT use this release if you require strong anonymity. It has known deficiencies, including some that make it possible for an adversary to trace your message through the system.

Mixminion implements Single Use Reply Blocks or SURBS which once stable will obsolete the Type I remailer network.

Currently there are around 40 Mixminion nodes.


  • Cypherpunk - An early type I remailer network implementation.
  • Mixmaster - The current and stable type II remailer network.
  • The Onion Router - Mixnet for other network protocols.


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