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Note: this is obsolete.

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A Name Page is a page associated with a wiki login. This page is an attempt to maintain a list of the name pages found on this Wiki to make it easier to keep track of people. It is in alphabetical order.

Name pages are a Good idea to associate your username with a page on the wiki. Using a /Talk page on your name page as a scratchpad, other users can write you quick notes on wiki topics. Not every visitor makes themselves a username and logs in, letalone makes and maintains a name page. Not everyone listed here is still an active member either.. this is just a placeholder for name page links.

Name Pages

Inactive for at least six months

Please feel free to move your name back to the above list if you become active again!

  • User:Sy - Previously a very active contributor, who was responsible for the majority of early inter-linking and other Wiki Gnome activities. In many ways, formed the foundation of iA.
  • User:ABliss - Huge contributor to iA, also responsible for much of its success.
  • User:C-Keen - "I stumbled over this site as I was looking for P2P resources... I came back a long while later as I delved into collaborative writing and came across the idea of wikis. Therefore I will invest some of my time in improving this excellent concept of collecting information."