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Home Page (do not visit):

A website belived to be a scam involving an Adware / Spyware-infested software-distribution site. The web site is suspected of taking popular open-source software and modifying it to distributes it on their website and As with one of their releases Dope Wars Online, C-Net noted that the software quote: may record your surfing habits, deliver advertising, collect private information, or modify your system settings. Complaints about their release of PeerGuardian are similar.

Although Openwares has since posted a "Spyware-free Tested" notice to their front-page, it is unclear to iA whether the issue has been cleared up or not. While the creator of PeerGuardian and deep delete was quite annoyed about this the official Web site ( currently has no comment. iA moderators have e-mailed but got no response.

A visitor of this Wiki wrote the following on 24 august 2004: " is down. thanks for those who helped to spread the word :D - braindancer"