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WARNING: This page may contain expletives or adult links that are offensive to some. Although this page and its links should be blocked by filtering software, these tools are often inadequate and individual discretion or supervision may be necessary.

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Shortform: Pr0n (Hackerspeak). Used against search engines/bots.

Visual items which are intended to stimulate sexually. Pornography is regulated like other intellectual property but generally not as strongly enforced by content creators.

Pornography is a Dangerous topic as it often offends some parties whether in poor taste (not beautiful; crass) or suggesting unwholesome or unhealthy ideas. For this page, Pornography will be used as a blanket term for all sexually-explicit media including text, photo and video.

The free discussion of pornography is explicitly allowed on this wiki.


Don't want your kids to see pornography? Get some Internet Filtering Software. Many software packages will block legitimate sites as well, one of the most common and impossible-to-solve issues of filtering.


iA-maintained listing of /Links. Please be of of legal age for your location to view pornographic materials (usually 18+), or if you feel like ignoring censorship laws as any infoanarchist should.


To keep information about where you've surfed off your computer, simply deleting history or cookies won't help. It is possible for your wife, boss, kids or even the computer repair guy can see where you've been. Software has been developed to protect your privacy. These programs can remove any evidence of your surfing habits:

Peer-To-Peer Tools

Almost all peer-to-peer software has a substantial amount of pornography available. In particular KaZaA and WinMX have a wide variety of pornographic movies, even of large file sizes.
Many distributors of pornographic materials now exchange their material via these networks with their Web site's URL at the base of the video, picture, etc.
Other free big source of pictures and movies, are the binaries newsgroups.
"For the porn seeker, P2P apps have been a god-send. Before p2p I had to struggle with ads on ads that if you clicked through links just sent you round and round. The point of which was to just get the highest rating on rating sites. A total waste of time. Even if I got lucky and found a genuine porn site, the quality sucked. Movies were small, grainy and useless.
Since I discovered p2p, I now have probably GB's of porn. The quality varies, but all of it is better than the old days.
My only complaint is that I am now addicted to downloading porn. Besides, it is now getting difficult to find porn that I don't already have!
For the prudes out there, sex is a part of nature and should be enjoyed, not locked in a cupboard or closet. If it wasn't natural we wouldn't be here. Someone had to have sex for you to get born! Porn just broadens the scope of human sexuality. Nothing to fear, and plenty of enjoyment to be shared."

Opinions and Research


  • A PhD's analysis (If Pornography Made Us Healthy, We Would Be Healthy By Now) - speaks more about sexually-oriented businesses than pornography. (I also disagree with a statistic 35% of all strippers have Multiple Personality Dissorder as this is a rare disorder.)
  • - A pro-family anti-porn site.