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To do:

Note that I'm no longer an active participant. This list ought to be integrated into somebody else's todo list.

  • eDonkey2000 - Separate all the clients into their own clients page and generally do a workup of what this network can do.
  • Reputation - make this useful

  • Somehow combine concepts like: Ratio | Trading | Barter | Leech into a topic. Perhaps bind some of them to Moderation. Perhaps to Wealth Transference..
  • Clean up iA Wiki/RFE and subtopics, as well as my own RFEs and integrate things into Wiki Tools.. perhaps several projects could be put together to help create proper wiki utilities.
  • Discuss page-watching and having a user-applied keyword such that a specific user can know when a specific other user has replied to one of their comments, etc.. There is no real way to do this currently.. a user just has to keep their eyes open and recheck a newly edited page for expected replies. This is probably an RFE
  • content provider | content distributor
  • oldschool - could be fleshed out some more. Could be really interesting.
  • the dissemination of information Security Through Obscurity and hpvac etc.
  • Discuss language changes.. discuss the warping of language with l33tspeak and aolspeak. Discuss the concept of the written patoi. Link to a social aspect page. Possibly bind to oldschool.
  • UI - link up some philosophy/etc user interaction stuff. Chat about it a bunch.
  • Maybe make 'obscure', 'obscurity' etc pages? Link to some of the Bad Things concepts like 'mole' etc etc? Not sure how to describe this..
  • I heard that the technique Rubberhose (see privacy) uses is illegal in some places: Burying data. The very concept of data hiding/obfuscation.. the legality of these sorts of things needs to be somehow linked into the wiki somehow. Somehow.. -- Sy
  • Discuss the portability of information (see Portable Information Devices) and usefulness.. similar to the concept of "brain time" for accessing and changing information, portable information like palmtops can be a far more useful thing than it at first seems. Perhaps discuss the brain celling concept and various other monkish mental training.. especially the fun stuff like the decay of information, the valuation of knowledge and information, perhaps discuss pruning too. All somewhat related, and very rarely spoken of.
  • Somehow link the concepts of the Hacker | Real Hacker | Hacker-Type with philosophic thinking. There are a number of philosophers and the like which nowadays would be considered to be at least a hacker-type. There are also some interesting ways of expression or even views on the world which relate all sorts of people together.
  • Bookshelved - a book-related wiki
  • Define terms such as: Meta, Para, Neo (new), -ism, etc. Centrally list them too.
  • Do a writeup on my low-footprint setup. It could help lots of people out there.
  • linkify my home page to the web-enabled icq / jabber / msn stuff (web enabled chat etc)
  • Flesh out the concept of the "power user" somewhere.

HELP: Stuff that should be done, but I probably won't get to:

  • IRC | Chat Clients | Instant Messengers -- etc, all need to be combined.
  • Conversion Tools - branch off somewhere, somehow, mp3 encoding or sound encoding topics in general.
  • Discuss browser extensability. Mozilla has lots of it.. there are also concepts like plugins, and lots of proprietary formats like flash/etc. These are similar to media players in that they are required to access some information. Discuss JavaScript alongside that.
  • check into the "quiet" links in The Halls Of The Dead, some might be in torpor, while others are just taking a quick nap. Possibly sort out all the reasonably broken clients into the confirmed dead pile (do some googling to search for alternate websites).
  • redo the Text Formatting Rules to turn it into more of a tutorial.
  • Design a bookmarklet-type quick link which will let a user do something like "ia some link" to go to (or probably Some_Link). Converts spaces to underscores as necessary.
  • Go into the future of wireless by delving into the past.. packet radio (ham) has had a quiet following for some time, and phone companies appear to be pushing to remove the support of data transmissions across phone lines more and more. Packet radio appears to be the alternative.. -- this is replaced with the wireless standard which, say, cell phones and other devices now use.
  • Googling into other p2p clients.
  • Usenet -- an exhaustive effort should be done to go over what is available and how to get at it. See File Sharing and How To Search.
  • More info in Gift Economy
  • Cracking - flesh it out, add some history of h/p/v/a/c etc etc.. oldschool type stuff.
  • Sort all of the File Sharing 'Client' pages.
  • the internationalization of information: different languages working on operating systems and window managers. multilingual software, multilingual email clients etc. etc..

Unlinked Pages:

These are pages which were not created through a link on an existing pages or are otherwise not particularly connected to other existant topics. Since they're not linked from anywhere appropriate, nobody will find them during their normal visit to the wiki. This is an effort to "save" these pages so that they might later be properly integrated.