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hi i have a big problem i play a game on the internet called runescape and my username is bizmule. the problem is that i had a programe that remebers all your passwords and logins so i dont need 2 remeber em lol ya right... well i had 2 format my computer and gess what lol i dont no my pass any more so ive bin trying 2 broute force it since i cant recover the pass cuz my old e-male is not there anymore and i cant seem 2 make the def file 2 brute force it i no i need 2 put key words like welcome error ect a link 2 a corect loged in account but i just cant seem 2 get it ive bin trying like for 3 days strait and nouthing are there any hackers out there that can suggest a programe with a link and tell me how 2 brute force my accout or just give me good explasions. sorry im at the point that i just dont no what 2 do anymore ive tryed every thing thx alot my e-male is biz357@hotmail now thx for the help i realy need it

P.S,lol i feel so dum i normaly figger this kinda thing out rightaway. plz emale me so i no u replayed thx biz