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Did I hear Dr Martin Luther King say "Down with Alabama" and "Lets make the crooked places straight" and "Make freedom ring"? I like that speech but dislike most speeches I hear, especially from politicians. I'll check the net for a transcript. - ABliss

Actually if this page with a transcript is accurate, King said "go back to Alabama", "let freedom ring" and "and the crooked places will be made straight". I think King was too optimistic. - ABliss

I've noticed that on the net, particularly this wiki, the louder I speak my mind or write what I want, the more people listen. I wish it was so IRL. Unfortunately I foresee a time when I will return to no longer writing anywhere but my own webpages. I'm thinking post-major-international-terrorist-strike, security crackdown. I see how some people from the media, particularly from Hollywood communicate about politics and how they act and I feel a little better. I see others, very wealthy "stars" and how they communicate and I think of an $ symbol, a big pool of blood mixed with oil in the desert, heating gases in the sky and melted mountain tops. Americans and the world need to consider what legacy, particularly the capitalist culture leaves in its wake.

Remember the models against fur, who jet around the world in dirty planes, like Madonna on a permanent world tour. Well, consider this sort of thing will only go so far. This feel good green fad is really a poor effort because - 1)There are many other greenhouse gases, 2) the costs of production are not calculated eg. it costs the same amount of energy to make a car as it uses for fuel, 3) not all the tree will mature, 4) emission accumulation trend continues anyway 5) a bunch of other environmental issues are getting worse. This is why the future will not be a good thing. I'm very proud to communicate these important points, related issues and all my other messages, while others beat the Imperialism Pool drum. - ABliss