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Lots of work recently, I see. Always welcome. Webfork

Thanks. Have you checked where Quicktime/Talk fits best? dpi
Seconding that. I was only saying to Amw the other day, it would be great if a few more of the regular editors just did a little more. - ABliss
I'm thinking Quicktime/Linux and Real/Linux then putting a link on Quicktime and Real Media pointing to these links explaining how to watch these under Linux. Thoughts? Webfork
Good idea. One question: does that result in one of these 2 redirecting to the other? Because if one edit one of the entries, the other one ought to be in sync. At least that's what i consider editor-friendly. Right? - dpi
Good work. Webfork
Thanks. I've got a suggestion regarding uniformity: some names and definitions are not always typed the very same. 2 examples: SuSE/SUSE/Suse, BitTorrent/Bittorrent/Torrent. To bypass this, we research the best name and/or use redirects. To centralize such discussions we could add an entry at ie. iA Wiki/Uniformity to discuss the "best" name or to create a database where we state these various entries/conclusions. I think that this improves the scalability of the Wiki. -- dpi
That sounds very good. I'll add it to my todo list and consider it. Webfork
Consider it partly done at iA_Wiki/Guidelines. IMO far from finished, but i lack inspiration on the subject. Also, a central discussion place on this subject doesn't exist (yet). -- dpi

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Thanks. Hmm i still see the previous version (example: IIP/Talk history) i hope you're right those aren't spidered by Google but if not the diff URLs could be added in robots.txt. -- dpi

On national and regional layer i vote blanco. When it comes down to EU, i'll oppose everything which is pro that hierarchy by (~) definition. I prefer activism to demonstrations but prefer not to discuss that in detail here so openly though thats nothing personal. At least, not openly right now. I'm sorry to have recently heard AU has IRV election method and conservatives [still] in power. Whats your opinion on activism versus demonstrations? I'm also very much wondering how IRV got there in the first place and if theres any strong opinions against it in AU?

At first, like when I was younger 18 - 24, I didn't pay attention to politics or government or even the news. I voted blank because I felt I wasn't informed. Now I realise I have always been a grassroots activist at the local level. ATM, I'm probably disillusioned with politics and government. At the same time I think any activism, lobbying or protests, are nearly always a good thing.
Here is a brief summary of my major community activism. In 1990, I tried to stop a huge Brisbane dump being built in the part of the city, where I grew up. These protests failed. Then I was involved in trying to stop a big motorway being built through a koala parkland in the same area. The road was successfully stopped during a 1992 election. Then in 1994 I helped stopped a concrete factory from being built. In this area, a suburb of Brisbane, I also tried to stop a small section of land going to industrial zoning, which failed and then in 2002, I successfully helped mount a campaign to stop more intensive industrial land use in a mostly residental area. We had a meeting with over 200 residents and we all said no the dirty stinky capitalist land owners. I went to a few student protests and gay rights marches when I was younger too. Other than that I am prone to complain about noise pollution.
After the crisis in East Timor, Sep 11 and then the Bali Bombing, it was a real wake up.After Sep 11, I tuned into the major international television broadcasts, Faux News, CNN and naturally I became frightened by their debauchery. I was studying political science around then. At the same time I saw my government and the USA, ignoring climate change and I had this growing disdain for any motorsports, airplanes, roads and the motor vehicles on them. I knew something was very wrong in this world. In 2000 I started writing comments online, and then stuff here at iA and other weblogs. I'm sure it has mounted to nothing, but it does go nicely with File Sharing.
I guess I have turned apathetic. I mean if the women of the middle east can't get together and get rid of those terrible sexist laws, and the chinese, the iranians or the burmese can't get rid of their brutal government, or the american's are too indifferent about Bush then why should I care? All I know is that I wouldn't hurt a butterfly.
As for voting methods, I can understand the concern and that web site was informative. I've always thought no system was totally fair. The problem with preferences is that it seems to get complex. I don't think people have a very good understanding of how their vote is counted, let alone how it can be stolen. There is not much debate about voting methods here, more about the lengths of federal terms and monarchy to republic reforms.

I was going to write about the USA voting system, but I changed my mind. Here's some links I collected, which I was going to delete when I read you were interested in that topic too.

Got your mail, thanks. Will reply in the weekend. - dpi
Sorry, i'm not gonna write about the US election. The subject lost my interest, and its a very loaded subject with lots of doubtful information floating around. I guess we'll know the truth some day... There are other, smaller projects i'm interested in right now such as starting a RFID article for and an entry for infoAnarchy.


I was wondering what you think of privacy and the internet? What do you think about people that use keyloggers, backdoor trojans and other exploits to spy on internet users? --ABliss 05:13, 16 Feb 2005 (GMT)