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More client links for someone to check into:

  • HotSprings Inc. - has aquired the assets of Hotline Communications Ltd.
  • OpenCola - Corporate open-source attempt to build an intelligent content-distribution system that automatically downloads files of interest. Appears to have been recently revived, possibly under the hood of a new project. Non-free.
  • Junglemonkey papers - some interesting reading.
  • Usenet -- an exhaustive effort should be done to go over what is available and how to get at it. It won't be me though.

For those inteterested, the intermemory papers have been salvaged from the void and I can email them to anyone interested. This message will self destruct when I get around to removing it. -- rack

What are the intermemory papers? ziv

File sharing could go into other discussions. EMule for one speaks of a token system. Psychology speaks of a "token economy" to add value to certain activities. Ratio, barter and other systems could be brought together in one discussion wiki on these topics. -- rack

IRC should be discussed for it's file sharing abilities -- rack

konspire2b will get talked about later when it gets into the public eye. -- rack

To include "File sharing activities are by far mostly done by citizens of the USA. This probably makes government and legal activities in the USA related to file sharing the most important."

and "If possible users should check file details to ensure the copy of the file they are downloading are in the same language or for the correct OS. Another good idea is to check game reviews and screenshots from the web (and within file sharing networks) to get the material that best suits a users preference."

I want to discuss how the media presents news reports on file sharing and piracy. It's finally changing from whine and propaganda into a deeper analysis of a growing social issue, but they still focus on music only. - ABliss

What's the best way to get the correct single files from an complete album? I use mp3splt, but when i query the cddb i'm often not sure which is the right album. I tried browsing the cddb to check the songs manually.

I split a few CDs succesfully, but eg. try to find the correct "Greatest Hits" from Elvis Pr. out of 200 entries with that name... almost impossible :p

I imagine it to work by comparing the checksum of the local file with all checksums in the freedb (or just the eg.200 found by the query). Just if you didnt know, mp3splt detects either the silence between the songs or it splits at given points set in a .cddb file. - FlorianKonnertz

I split them visually with Sound Forge or Cool Edit or something but I like your way better. - ?
If you can push the CDDB info to a file, you could write a simple script for this which determines which CD is most likely the right one. When you search "Greatest Hits Elvis Presley" on a P2P network you don't find all the single files; instead of downloading the complete album? For a list of files from an album you can also check the site of the artist or it's distributor/label. Hope that helps a bit =] --dpi

Is there a list of working filesharing clients on one page somewhere? ziv

Windows XP SP2 restricts the number of connections an application can attempt at once.

If anyone can articulate how this is important for p2p apps or what can be done to resolve any issues with this, your input would be welcomed.

--Sy 12:37, 30 Sep 2004 (GMT)

How do we make this MUCH better?

File Sharing, Centralized Clients, Decentralized Clients, Multi-Network Clients are a mess to me. This hierarchy is one path for one to retrieve info based on the way the protocols work, but i feel its too limited. Because this subject is one of our core topics (!) i think its important to make it better. What are the ways to categorize P2P related topics?

Regarding P2P software, here's my effort on getting an answer to this. I numbered them, but those numbers have no additional meaning whatsoever. 1) 1st generation - 2nd generation - 3rd generation (no clue what exactly the definitions for these are, but these are NOT properly outlined on this Wiki!) 2) Centralized - Decentralized (this is covered, but the entries need to be fleshed out) 3) Open source - Closed source (i know, not everyone is concerned...) 4) Single-Platform - Mylti-Platform (see 3) 5) Open protocol - Proprietary protocol (see 4) 6) Single protocol - Multi protocol (already outlined) 7) Anonymous - Non-Anonymous (anonymous in the sense that its at least aiming for that or adding a layer beyond that; e.g. not BT) 8) The above were all client, server or protocol related. We need a 'misc' apps for entries such as P2psim.

And what to use as basis? The P2P entry? The file sharing entry? What about multi-categorizing?

Feedback requested and valued. Its gonna cost a lot of time in any case but i rather do it well thought through... and as said, this is IMO an important aspect --Dpi 15:53, 13 Jan 2005 (GMT)

Filesharing is a subset of p2p. p2p also covers things like decentralised chat programs and voip.

I think the filesharing pages need a summary of the features that are now a basic requirement. Napster could not restart a file transfer that stopped halfway through, could not download a file from more than one source and did not have hashlinks.

Generations of filesharing software is a nebulous concept and largly down to opinion and what people use those terms to refer to. This page looks like a resonable definition.

From an end user point of view the most usfull classifications might be popular, unpopular and imcomplete/beta/broken since the number of users is the biggest factor in how good a program is.

Might write more when I'v thought about it a bit. ziv