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What about a scientific experiment to test Freenet? We must to prove that Freenet can retain its integrity. The experiment should become as "high profile" as possible, to prove the link between true free speech and our technology. What I would suggest is that a system to deliver content from a broadcast with advertising on tv or a website from the regular internet, to a copy on Freenet without advertisements. Then we could tune into broadcasts or browse a web page, like Slashdot or Drudge, without intrusions and interuptions from sponsors.

  1. Planning: Scope, Potential Problems, Requirements, Process, Application, How-tos, etc
  2. Action: Volunteers activated, dispersal of links to content
  3. Observations: Media Coverage, Availability tracking, etc
  4. Reporting: Conclusions, Recommendations for improving Freenet
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The media would have to report its demise, into the darknet, as it is now with its fight against digital piracy. We have to engineer a massive honeypot for all data. Maybe it could be done with the help of SourceForge and other internet communities.

At the moment Freenet is like a retarded person. Underneath maybe there is a good central nervous system, but its not very social, almost dysfunctional. So, we have to assist in this regard, so that users will come to Freenet. As an infoanarchist shouldn't we try to adopt strategies for a successful, widely used network which can't be censored and doesn't Freenet according to theory fit the bill best?

How will Freenet affect business and government communications? How and why do people create file-lists? Is Freenet really easy to install, setup and use yet? What and where are the good clients? Why can't we get content from Freenet without ads. Like why isn't there a Drudge Report updated regularly without the ads on Freenet? Until this sort of thing happens, Freenet is all talk. It's time for this to start happening with Freenet or any other network which maintains true privacy. - ABliss

ive installed it 2 or three times at this point. the last was the most successful (everything installed and ran), but still not good enough. i was mainly using frost to peruse the 'boards' but i was completely unable to get any files, or even to get messages for boards that weren't in the default install. now, i probably could have figured this out, but as it stands i'm not looking for overly censored information that much, nor does the current state of freenet provide that many advantages over a good usenet connection for filesharing. crtn

What about adding more info about how Freenet works and how it's impossible to censor content? If authorized some content could be copied from Nubile freesite ( /SSK@qe3ZRJg1Nv1XErADrz7ZYjhDidUPAgM/nubile/11// ), mainly the About Freenet part. -- nw

Go ahead and add whatever you'd like <code> =) </code> -- rack