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I've actually got a bunch of links to "Hackers", which I've found quite interesting. At some point I'd love to put a bunch of links up here. These are people who are very active in the community, and have several popular+useful apps, and generally have some great tech essays. -- Sy

This whole topic is really over-the-top. It needs to be toned WAY back imho. Language changes over time, that's part of life, and the bottom line is that "hacker" has two meanings now - one is someone who "hacks" software, and the other is someone who breaks into computer systems. Hell, that latter meaning has been around since at least the early 80s, probably earlier, it's pointless to deny it exists in this day and age. Making it less flamebait and probably a little closer to how i re-worded the 3rd paragraph in hacking would make more sense to me. But that would mean cutting 90% of this entry, which is why i'm asking here first. -- Amw

Hacker is just another label for those that are thought to hack. Today on television I saw this "hacker" camp in Germany. Bring your tent and your computer and for a small fee they supplied electricity. They looked like a bunch of geeks having a good time. The lack of females at the camp made it appear a bit gay. I wonder if much piracy happens at these camps. - ABliss

"Some other people, however, find the whole black hat / white hat dichotomy to be quite silly and rather pointless."

I'm cutting this just because it seems to be more opinion than a useful statement. Something like "names and preferences concerning Hacker / Cracker / Malicious user vary widely" seems more useful. There are some wildly different, strongly held ideas of what a "hacker" constitutes already, I'd like to keep this to the facts to avoid too much writer's embellishment in our entries.
Granted, I'm a little guilty of this in the work I've done for this wiki for Microsoft but still.
Good work on cutting my Clarke quote shorter. Much better. Webfork