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Remember, a "hacker" becomes that because of peer review, whereas the hacker-type tends to reside in an outcast position. These sorts will generally have a gift for a number of the peripheral hacker skills, but will not have the time or inclination to develop or use the entire package of skills. Take me, for example, I have a lust for software.. however my lust is for the user interface and not for programming. I'm a bug hunter and a documentation specialist. While I can build my own PC, I don't sit on IRC. While I use linux, I honestly don't understand more than a small portion of it (even though I can get wacky things to work for me). While I fear and loathe microsoft, it is due to their software's actions over their business' practices. Like others, I act not on emotion or fashion but on experience and patient judgement. I've been around since before l337 speak came to pass, and I've taken pilgramidges to the c64 by dropping all x86 and reviving my local community. I do have "the touch", and hardware and software tends to "just work" for me. However, I've also got "the curse" where very strange things happen for indecipherable reasons, and not due to lack of knowledge or determination. ->

At any rate, I think the hacker-type persona ought to be fleshed out in order to distinguish my sort from hackers and real hackers. I'm getting sick of being called a hacker by average lusers when I'm certainly not up to the task and am not worthy of the title. ->

Btw, even as I was writing this, I had broken Phoenix in a new and facinating way. =) -- Sy

Tried to resolve the entry a bit taking cues from Sy. What is "wordplay," exactly? Does anyone know? Webfork

I feel in my heart that there are changes since my last visit to this topic, but I can't remember how I originally described it. I would have gone back into the revisions to see what got changed, but we don't have a complete revision history. ->
Wordplay is the playing with words. English has the facinating ability to say one thing and mean several different things. This is seen with, say, a pun. This facination with language is tied to the facination with doublespeak, security, privacy, social engineering and propaganda in those exhibiting the hacker-type quality. -- Sy