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Shouldn't part 2 be moved to a new page entitled l33tspeak or something? It's a different topic, just as the entries on Hacker and 3l337 try to clear up the confusion in the computer illiterati, so should entries on hackerspeak vs l33tspeak. ?? Comments on the page on Hacking confirm that this is our mission.

Am I missing something? maybe I'm out of touch .. so I won't do it. Perhaps the entire entry should be simply renamed? At the very least there should be a comment to clarify the relation between hackerspeak and l33tspeak, or if they are identical, say so.

see the Jargon File entry on crackers vs the lexicon itself.

I absolutely agree. And that would be 1337 with a number '1' not a letter 'l' :-) -- Amw
I have to disagree, not just because I wrote the file originally but because you don't start out with the weird-looking word - you start with the normal word then explain the odd one. It's just simplicity, I think. Plus all the dangers of spelling "l33t" correctly. Shizah! Webfork