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Possible addition... still working on... -- Webfork

It is including but not limited to:

  • Writing or modifying code such as making a Linux program to run entirely in RAM.
  • Using or determining hidden, locked features of a program such as finding out how to delete unnecessary files the program no longer uses.
  • Finding security failures in a program or at a remote location such as finding a program with a buffer overflow vulnerability
  • Personal research to understand currently existing networks and systems such as determining how to setup Internet Telephony on an old UNIX system.
Nice refactoring, webfork. -- Sy
Gracias... Webfork

I had absolutely no idea what the second paragraph was trying to say, even after reading it numerous times, so i changed it around a little to make it clearer - i hope it still conveys the original intent.

I think a lot of this topic is a bit rambling, and i'd be inclined to cut it off after the "hack the Gibson" comment and then just put the dictionary definition in... It's a broad topic, but you'd think there would be a way to break it up a bit. Probably some headings wouldn't go astray. -- Amw

Sounds good. Webfork