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To do:

  • Find the originating link for the inception of infoAnarchy
  • Perhaps discuss some of the wiki engine changes here

Sep 21 - Webfork is rated as this wiki's karma king.

Haha classic! :-) -- Amw

I'm the Karma king?

What is that about? Webfork

Its about being the most favoured (or preferred) and highest contributing wiki editor. Think driving force or voluntary supervisor even. Do you agree? It was just a passing comment. I would never pay attention to the concept of karma, which deservedly goes in the "Too Stupid" box along with Television, God, Evil and Religion. - ABliss
Oh ok, I get it. Its good to be the king. I'll put that on my resume: "Wiki Karma King." Hehehe... Webfork
 :) It depends, are you the king or an anarchist? I thought anarchists were Anti-Authoritarianist. Do monarchies or for that manner any leader, grow from groups and communities or is it a choice by an individual? Probably anyone has an equal say in what is put in here. Possibly if someone had more or a say it could be you, wouldn't you say? I think whoever puts in best effort, contributes the most and I think we have already discussed leading by example. The problem with the concept of karma is that it doesn't include effort. Anyway I just had to continue this train of thought. - ABliss
Well, social scientists will tell you that, in chaos, groups of people naturally choose leaders. In a chaotic situation, groups form and create and build. The important thing is that no one is enforcing my Karma King powers (like preventing other editors from editing). The only power I have is that I'm on here a lot and people seem to not mind what I have to say. That is the only power any of us should have. Ideally, a new Karma king will appear. Ideally, there will be too many people working on this Wiki for there to even BE a Karma king. However, it is important to appreciate everyone's contributions and I appreciate this title, albiet a transient one. Webfork