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Could some of the topics touched on here be expanded some more.. I'm thinking of concepts like a legal system "making an example" of a person, winning via exhausting their resources, corporations fudging numbers to "prove" a monetary loss, etc.. (but not topics like beating confessions out of people). ->

For example, a corporation may give a set of numbers as it's loss of profits based on an amount of downtime a network or related problem has caused. However what they don't mention is the time of day the lossage occurred and the time of day they calculated the profit losses at. If a corporation has one hour of downtime at 3am and they calculate the losses at a "noon" rate (their peak hour), they're fudging the numbers. ->

Anyhow, I bring this up because there are some issues which I feel relate crackers, "hackers" (the media use), corporate interests ("the man", if you will), everyday people's use of network resources (like file sharing) / the internet in general, privacy, security etc etc etc.. Anyone have ideas? -- rack

added some stuff in the areas suggested, and cleared up a few inaccuracies - ok? -- TheDarkShirt

Cool. Webfork