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Image thumbnailing

I would be happy if this feature was enabled. I think images, esp thumbnails can be useful. I would like to see more screenshots from the linux desktop and other software in particular. --ABliss 11:35, 23 Dec 2004 (GMT)


I'm about to put the front page on "protect" but I have no problem not having this feature available. If anyone wants me to turn it off, just say so. I'd like the front page to grow and develop along with the rest of iA but I'm just blocking so many spammers, I figure its a way to save time. Thoughts? Webfork

Sometime around 2008/2009 the flood of spam abated somewhat. I presume Erik added some automatic filtering. At the moment it is unprotected. ziv

I'm sure you've received enough complaints about the search feature not working, so I'll suggest a temporary alternative for the time being:

Google search of infoAnarchy

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