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iA contributors,

I noticed a uniformity issue here. I'm not addressing anyone specifically. I don't even know the original author of this entry. What i'd like to bring forward is this: credit where credit is due.

There are various reasons why you should make it clear you quote instead of what normally happens, hand written content:

  • Legal issues. All text here is public domain unless otherwise stated. This is not (necessarily) the case for copied text. If a license is specified, please add this to the entry you contribute to on this wiki
  • Context. In this example, the we form is used whereas that doesn't (necessarily) reflect the opinion of the author of the entry or other iA contributors. It is the opinion, or logic from the original author of the text.
  • Social. Credit where credit is due from a social point of view. Nobody of us written it. Hence, why claim we did? We merely copied and spreaded the information. It is generally perceived as rude to claim ownership of information not from your hand.
  • Reference. Make a clear reference to the original text. Original texts often include additional or new/updated information. In no way we can stay in sync without automating such process because we don't have the man-power. Adding a link to the source, including making use of characters to make it clear it is quote, makes it clear for the reader he/she deals with non-original text hence can act according to that.

Copying text has advantages: the standard advantages of a mirror and of spreading information apply. I'm not arguing we shouldn't copy text, i'm arguing it is better when we do it in a proper manner.

Although arguably this is the wrong place to discuss this. -- dpi

Problem is that I might collect information from Slashdot comments, or lecture notes, old printouts from years ago, as well as wiki searches, weblogs and other websites, books, and Google searches. Basically whereever I find it. Tracking who wrote what and where that can be found is the problem. I am trying to reference more stuff, with diagrams and page numbers and addresses when I know the source is good. What I think is best if you can makes something new and original directly from all your sources and then shape it for the wiki. If I have any worthy links, I tend to place them below the main text. I'll take note of what you wrote above. I think that your correct about the "we" thing too. I'll try not to use the word either. - ABliss