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slashdot people are generally capitalist? crtn

I thought the same thing. Slashdot is one of the most painfully socialist sites on the internet, though it's got to be said it doesn't hold a candle to the past week or so on this Wiki...  :-( -- Amw
To be critical of capitalism isn't necessarily socialist. I also think even most straight-forward capitalists acknowledge its evils. Do workers get exploited? Absolutely. Do people abuse the system? Often... Enron, for one. But everyone on slashdot and probably here knows that capitalism created computers. Only a hyper-competative market created by Capitalism could have brought us to the technological peak we are currently in. Strong socialism and communism had little chance of doing this. Webfork
As a counterexample, the technological advances of the USSR (not a real communist/socialist system, granted) rivaled and often surpassed those of the US. I believe that people are at a basic level driven to create things, and that much of the technology we have could have been created by socialists. What modern technology does require that perhaps a fully socialist or communist system wouldn't accept is a high amount of environmental exploitation (for raw materials, e.g. petroleum, timber, minerals) crtn
I think you're being very naive if you hold up one of the most oppressive regimes the world has seen as being a picturebook example of socialist success. And don't think the USSR didn't exploit resources - they were the worst culprits! A better example would be the North European countries, but then they have their own set of problems - extreme taxes and over-large government. Might want to think about that next time you buy a beer with small change instead of pulling out the plastic... -- Amw
Never, ever, would I say that the USSR was a "picturebook" of socialist success. As per above, it does serve as a counterexample to the idea that Capitalism is the only way to achieve technological success. "... perhaps a fully socialist or communist system wouldn't accept the high amount of environmental exploitation ..." I think we'd all agree that the USSR was, by no means, anywhere close to being a fully communist or socialist system. crtn