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Should info-Anarchy be a troll friendly wiki? Aren't we all "trolling" corporations and governments here? What should trolls do and not do here? How does one recognize but not be too trusting of a friendly troll? Enter your beliefs here:

I define a Troll as a person who deliberatly posts messages with the intention of annoying people or reducing the quality of a discussion. Trolling is rare here at iA and I will try to keep it that way. The last entry here that I consider to be a troll was an AOL user adding an entry claiming that iA uses a "cookile" (there appears to be no such thing) and suggesting users do a system restore to remove it. I am not troll friendly. The other people who activly contribute to and edit this wiki seem to consider that keeping the wiki content factual to be important. There is a general bias towards prefering freedom of infomation and anti-copyright but try to cover all sides of matters of opinion.
Unless someone gets to it first (feel free) I'm going to remove the parts of the above entry that advocate trolling after thinking about what it all means for a bit. This is the first time I'v heard the terms "found trust" and "grown trust", some info on the topic would be interesting. ziv

A troll-friendly system or social software-based service assumes that built trust is very low, found trust is very high, and that grown trust will not happen unless a degree of politics as usual is allowed to apply in that system. This seems to be one motivation for proposing explicit faction support.

After some contemplation I'v concluded this entry is wrong from the start. There is no trust in troll-infested discussion forums. Troll make it less likly that users will trust information in the forum. In this context found trust means trust between users who know each other or have established a reputation previously. Using multiple identitys and impersonating well known people is a common troll tactic. ziv

THAT's the correct defintition, Ziv. Webfork

Hello anonymous proxy user,

You were working on revision 5 while I created revision 6 so some minor changes got lost. Thats the first time thats happened to me here.

I'm willing to let the troll friendly practises part stand.

I'm not convinced by the wikipedia witchhunts part. Please provide some links to back up this claim. Any other wikipedia users here? What do you think of the way it is run? ziv

Hmm i'm adding my observations here as these might be of use to someone else who's willing to polish the entry, the above discussion, or maybe i'm just stating the obvious.

An internet discussion forum is considered troll friendly if it does not take steps to discourage trolling such as banning or moderating trolls, preventing the forum being accessed from open proxys, not allowing anonymous posting or adding barriers to the creation of many accounts by individuals.

Imagine this worded elsewhere as something like:

An internet discussion forum is considered liberal if it does not take steps to discourage people with unpopular opinions from posting such as banning or moderating these opinions, preventing the forum being accessed from open proxys, not allowing anonymous posting or adding barriers to the creation of many accounts by individuals.

You see how trolls argue they're being censored? However, the argument as i see it, is among the same lines as Nazis argumenting the Antifas are anti-freespeech when these Antifas are trying to prevent a Nazi demonstration from happening. Ignoring Nazis is another option (the one i chose) but it ain't always the best. I see the 3 options are also applicable on the Internet:

  • Ignoring
  • Argumenting
  • Censoring

This happens on case-by-case (individual) and on group symptons (guilty by association) and the Best solution depends per situation. On iA Wiki, for example, in a discussion you don't have to censor (pre or during consensus), but in an entry there is only 1 version (during or after consensus). In the latter situation it is much harder to ignore. If the discussion is about an entry ignoring might be harder as well thus argumenting might as well be a better solution then.

I drawed inspiration of the above partly from reading a document on "how to deal with racism" which was in-depth on this problem, but its in Dutch. Similar articles might be in English and interesting for getting insights on this problem. -- dpi


Discussion regarding Mediawiki versus spammers/trolls moved to iA Wiki/Talk -- dpi