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  • MetaNews - A server which virtually combines multiple outside servers together.

There is some interesting conversation over in Leech/Talk which applies to Usenet as well. -- rack

All the binary encoding methods ought to have a homepage:

  • yEnc - An encoding method which offers efficient and proper transmission for binaries on the Usenet (or by eMail and other applications).
  • BASE64
  • BinHex
  • UUencode

Theoretically these can be stuck in Usenet or perhaps Usenet Tools, but perhaps someone with some knowhow can found a page just for this sort of thing? -- rack

Mention threading, and multiple users, somewhere.

Also about usenet, can uploads and downloads be tracked? - ABliss

Uploads to usenet can be tracked insofar as each post records the address of the news server you are connecting to, and sometimes also your IP address (depending on how the news server you are connecting to is configured). Downloads from usenet can only be tracked by the news server you are connecting to and your ISP - but this is no different than P2P. -- Amw