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WASTE is the most anarchist p2p becuse it impliments security culture, voluntary association and mutual aid. This is thanks to it's Decentralization, Encryption and preferences that offer the ability to have Anonymity. Liberated illegal OpenSource too being a exemplary factor as well: reclaim discovery and share collectivly with humanity, AOL(a adjent in the corperate branch of the lifeless institutions) in this case

WASTE Tips Tricks Bugs & Exploits: comming soon

Lifeless institutions:

consisting of 3 major catagories

Religion: Systems of belief based on mythical or supernatural faith basis.

Goverment: The various states of beurocracy.

Corporations: Companys and the bottomline profits capitalism structure they generate.

WASTE has advantages over secure FTP, not requiring some of the sometimes difficult and complex routing issues associated with SSL.

It's Editing While Influenced if I've ever seen it. It needs a big justification... Routing and SSL are perfectly orthogonals. And what the fuck is "secure FTP"... ftps or sftp (not the same thing at all....) JoSwujDa 08:31, 15 Sep 2005 (GMT)
>what the fuck
Calm down.
I should have posted the link that described what I'm talking about but whatever. Webfork
Using of expletive doesn't mean I'm not calm ;-))
Seriously the only issues I could see with ftp and ftps (not sftp) are issue of NAT traversal with active connection (NAT is not routing). With ftps the firewall doesn't get to sniff the port number that will be used for the server->clinet data connection so cannot open for it. But then today most people use passive ftp that doesn't have any special issues going thru firewalls... If you know anything different I'd like very much to be enlightened... JoSwujDa 09:35, 20 Sep 2005 (GMT)