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An internet program designed to read Usenet news. It is often similar to, or integrated with an E-Mail Client. Some news readers are designed with sophisticated composition and threading features to facilitate discussion, and others are designed specifically and solely to upload and download binaries. A non-exhaustive list of examples follows:




Newsgroup Service Providers

Binary Download Tools
  • Newsan - WWW / Perl frontend to a newsserver. Meant to grab and post binaries rather than reading or posting text. Supports NZB, PAR2, and many more.
  • PHP News Reader - WWW / PHP frontend to a newsserver with a more purpose features. Has native NNTPS support. Also supports a broad number of other protocols like POP3/POP3S via modules.
  • Newsgrab - A CLI tool to download binary multipart encoded messages.
  • nget - Multi platform CLI tool for binary downloads, with yEnc support and other features. See the nget entry for frontends, related software, etc.
  • ubh - Usenet Binary Grabber is a multi platform CLI tool for downloading binaries, coded in Perl. Has yEnc support, uuencoded support and uses a MySQL database for config and log purposes.
  • GrabIt - GUI, free, Windows.
  • NINAN - "a webapplication to download binary content from news servers. Ninan Supports the NZB file format for easy download and runs on a server or workstation on a OS supporting Java 1.4+"
  • Klibido - rich-featured binary leecher, for KDE.
  • Pan - A newsreader that doubles as a grabber. Newer versions support multiserver downloads and a small memory footprint in binaries groups. free Windows X11
  • Newsbin - A very known and popular binary leacher with loads of features. Runs through WINE and Linux port is in the make.
Binary Upload Tools
NZB specific

Other Tools