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Guess who

Hi, my name is Erik Möller. In August 2000, I co-founded infoAnarchy as a weblog running Scoop. Due to an intolerable amount of spam, low activity on the blog and high maintenance of the software, we switched the site to wiki-only mode in July 2006. Contact me if you are interested in helping to make available the old story content (it needs to be converted from the Scoop database into a reasonable format).

I'm a self-employed journalist, software developer, project manager, researcher, and have written a book. Most of my articles are in German (my German homepage has the full text of the majority of them), but I've written some non-paid stuff for Kuro5hin -- see my comment history and story history. And then there's of course my infoAnarchy stories which you are probably familiar with, as well as the pages in this wiki.

I spend a lot of time with Wikipedia and the other Wikimedia projects, and initiated Wikinews and the Wikimedia Commons in that environment. I'm currently working on making WiktionaryZ a reality.

Another large English language project I have helped to create and continue to maintain is The Origins of Peace and Violence, a collection of highly significant papers showing that the deprivation of physical pleasure leads to violence, depression, and drug abuse.

I'm always interested in ways to financially support important work that can contribute to the progress of humankind -- contact me if you have ideas.

Stuff I'm looking for

  • a copy of the 1983 TV film "Testament" (the best film I've ever seen about the effects of nuclear war). I might be able to get permission to put "Testament" on the web, but first I would need a copy.
  • a copy of the 1994 Channel 4 documentary "Hell's Angel" about Mother Teresa
  • an English language copy of the 2002 movie "I banchieri di Dio Il" (God's Bankers)
  • good sources of non-entertainment material


  • /ScoopWiki Notes (only of historical interest, no longer planning to work on this)