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it's nice to be able to add to information, especially then this wiki is such a great info mine anyway. It reminds me of Tim Berners-Lee's original concept of the internet...

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About The Dark Shirt

Found this wiki in November, 2003, linked from the Adrian Lamo Support Site. I happen to have plenty of idle time in front of a PC, and information is always cool... writer of programs in Java, Object Pascal, C++, and, in another life, BASIC. Big on Free Information and Free Speech.


Dec 03

  • I have no voice. I spent sunday in a pub with people who remember me as the rock star I once was, and 'performed' for them (proper set up, not just standing on a table, honest...) and I think one too many renditions of I Believe in a Thing Called Love finally pushed me over the edge. Not good when my job involves advising potential students... I wonder how they'll cope with mime..?
  • "Then you contracted American dreams/You never look up once/You've contracted American dreams/I require you to stop and look up" Idlewild 'American English'
  • Getting to grips with the TFR... got my 2600 subscription and free t-shirt, which is nice coz it's cold as a cold thing here... still, free clothing! Just have to write another 300 articles and I'll never need to buy another outfit again... Now lost and lonely at the wrong end of the country from my sig. other, but hey, winter solstice is looking good with Jamesons and a dull Network Management assignment. woo-hoo.

Nov 2003

  • As it's still November, I'm still getting to grips with the text formatting rules, but I find the easiest way to learn is to look at the code on the edit pages and work out what it does... I currently have to tidy up some links on the Programming Languages pages... =)
  • I have just been published in the Fall 2003 edition of 2600 magazine. My article, on Ogg Vorbis will appear on this wiki in a few months.
  • Being somewhat of a Hacker, I've recently had my site blocked by my University. I'm a little annoyed about this, especially as the site just pointed out and proved a problem with their security, rather than providing a tutorial. The Sysadmin has responded by blocking all sites on the free server my website is hosted on. So that's roughly 500,000 sites. I know it's a Dangerous topic, but I think censorship is a bad thing.

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